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Millet Easy Up Climbing Shoe
  • Millet Easy Up Climbing Shoe
  • Millet Easy Up Climbing Shoe

Easy Up



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With its graphic urban vibe, the EASY UP is a very accessible model for novice climbers, indoors and out. It's soled with 4POINTS™ GRIP rubber, MILLET's long-used compound, for the best grip-to-durabi lity ratio. Ideal for honing your sensations in the vertical dimension, it has an ergonomic symmetrical base and a generous heel, in a fairly supple design that optimizes comfort of use. The streamlined toebox delivers the precision beginners need, but also squash-free comfort for the toes. For a smooth learning curve, they are very wash-friendly, with a polycotton upper (no leather guaranteed) that's very robust.


  • Straight shape, pointed toe. Slim, fluid fit
  • Double velcro closure
  • Durable, sticky 4PointsGrip™ rubber

Retail price

US$ 89.95
Weight 210 g

Single : 210 g / 7.4 oz
Pair : 420 g / 14.8 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume Low Wide
Sizing Information Sizes 4.5-14
­Image icon Millte_Shoe_Size_Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Asymmetry Low
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
Upper Material ­Polycotton
Midsole Material ­
Sole Material ­4PointsGrip™­
Footbed Lining


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This video is not in English but has English subtitle, it explains the features of Easy UP, Hybrid, Hybrid Lace and Lady Hybrid. This video talks about some other models but those are retired.

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