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We think it's worth the wait.

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We’re get so stoked on gear that we started a website to put every piece of gear in one spot (actually, we started WeighMyRack because we were super frustrated researching gear and sick of getting suckered into buying the “on sale” gear).

So WeighMyRack is for researching and comparing gear specs. The WeighMyRack BLOG is for learning and stories.

We will tell the tales not heard elsewhere, ranging from manufactures to the folks that use gear daily. We’ll bring the behind the scenes stories forward, to help get one stoked on the gear you already own or the gear you could own. Really, anything gear related (we define “gear” as: the things you bring on a climb) is fair game on this blog.

We want to bring the fun.





Please feel free to reach out to us (Alison or Andreas) at anytime. We like getting mail… from real people!

And if you want to contribute, read the Contributor Guidelines, then send us a note about where you see yourself fitting in.