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We’re not called WeighMyRack for nothing! Here, you can add quantities to the gear you own and we’ll automatically add up the total weight.

We also take this calculation a little further: you can see exactly what percentage of your rack your helmet takes up (or any other piece of gear for that matter).

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This isn’t just your standard wishlist. Yes, we’ll save this list for you when you get back, BUT you can also sign up for email updates. This means you don’t have to keep refreshing the page waiting for your wanted gear to go on sale. Instead, you can get a custom sales alert. You can literally be climbing, while we’re working to find the sales.

And, we’ll only send you an email if, you actually signed up to get sale emails from us, and the gear you want is over 10% off.

Ben Read Kris Scott climb: Un Ball eve able

Climbing shoe

Gear guide


Climbing shoe

Gear guide

There are over 500 different climbing shoes out there. That many options means that you can basically get a custom shoe. You can take your performance to the next level when you’re confident in the features you’ll need to get you there.

This guide goes over every shoe feature; it took us 2 weeks to write and it’s over 6200 words. We cover basics to the nitty gritty. Options like the type of closure, shoe material and last shape. We talk about gender and shoe volume and how they relate. We also give tips on how to nail the best fit. And, we even dive into the details of asymmetry and downturn--to help you find the perfect shoe.

Become an industry insider

Watch videos of the newest gear before it’s released. Learn from the designers, engineers, pros, and brand reps as they nerd out on the latest products.

2017 Belay Devices

25 Climbing Shoes Coming in 2016

New Cams: Ultralight C3, Dragon and New Friend

Edelrid Slider Locking Carabiners

Petzl Sitta

Five Ten Quantum

Bloggy mcbloggerson

Where to go ball nuts deep into the details of gear. We cover gear design, technical reviews, materials, and stories about gear via words, photos, and videos.


25 Rock Climbing Shoes Coming in 2016

September 12, 2016

Video, tons of photos, and the pros and cons of each shoe. Including the Five Ten Quantum, La Sportive Skwama and Otaki, Scarpa Drago, Tenaya Iati and more.


Quick and Dirty Tips on How to Booty Gear

September 1, 2016

Learn how to get stuck cams and nuts un-stuck. We go over tips and tricks to get more booty with your nut tool.


8 Timeless Gifts for Climbers

August 15, 2016

Climbers are a picky bunch. Our recommendation is: Don’t buy gear. We may be huge gear fans at WeighMyRack BUT we believe gear is personal. Instead, we’ve come up with non-Gear suggestions that will help you dial in a gift that’s sure to please.


A Guide to Climbing at City of Rocks in Idaho

August 1, 2016

Come to City of Rocks to get away from any kind of "city" feel. Enjoy a lack of cell phone service and campsites hidden among the boulders. Find details of where to eat, what gear to bring and campsite notes.


Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are Overhauled

August 1, 2016

Metolius pulled out all the stops and re-designed their Master cams to ensure they definitively deserve their full title: Ultralight Master Cams. Find out why Metolius won a 2016 Editors Choice Award from Climbing magazine for all their efforts updating their classic cam model.


Choosing the Best Carabiner by Shape

August 1, 2016

Almost every carabiner you use will be non-locking offset D’s, with the exception of Pear/HMS lockers. Yet, that’s just not satisfying for us, it doesn’t answer WHY each carabiner shape exists and how it’s intended to be used.