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Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe



My vote: None ( 5 avg )


Aggressively downturned and highly asymmetric, with a forefoot wrapped in sticky rubber, the Drago represents the pinnacle of rock shoe construction—specialized, meticulously crafted and refined to perform at the highest level on demanding boulders and steep sport routes.

  • PCB-Tension™ active rand provides dynamic power transfer directly to the big toe
  • 1/3 length Vibram® XS Grip 2 sole strategically puts the rubber only where you need it
  • SRT structural toe wrap in M50 rubber provides support and friction
  • One of the most iconic performance shoes in the World
  • Perfect for bouldering or steep sport climbing

Retail price

US$ 219.00

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight 400 g

Single : 200 g / 7.1 oz (Size 40)
Pair : 400 g / 14.1 oz (Size 40)
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type 2 Velcro closures
Gender Unisex
Volume Average
Sizing Information European sizes 35-45, including half sizes.

From your measured size, you'll want to consider downsizing .5 - 2 full sizes. The flatter the shoe, the closer to your measured size; the more downturned / aggressive the shoe, the more you'll want to downsize.

PDF icon Scarpa-Shoe-Size-Chart_2.pdf
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Last : FZ Scarpa considers last information super top secret so we can’t define the last types further than the initials FZ. But, if you find a Scarpa shoe that fits, any Scarpa shoes with the same last initials will fit your foot in a very similar way.
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Microsuede
Midsole Material not provided by the brand  None
Sole Material 3.5 mm  Vibram® XS Grip 2
Rand: PCB-Tension
Footbed Lining

Unicorn Fur (aka Unlined)

PCB-Tension System Technology

PCB-Tension System

Power Connection Band transfers power from the toe area to the heel.
VIBRAM® XS Grip2 Technology


Represents the natural evolution of VIBRAM® XS Grip, the new XS Grip2 delivers highly improved grip, while maintaining consistent performance in all temperatures. XS Grip 2 is the best solution in pure friction situations while remaining durable and even-wearing.
( 5.5 avg )
( 5 avg )

The Scarpa Drago

- Very comfortable
- Good grip for smearing
- Rubber is very sticky for good toe hooks and heel hooks
- Really soft shoe so it’s wearable over a longer period of time
- Shoe can sometimes be too soft and if you climb for too long, your foot does start to hurt a bit because you can really feel the rock digging into your foot
- Not the best for long sessions, suggest to take them off if you’re not climbing
I’ve used it a bunch

Overall a super great shoe. It's one of my favourite that I've tried and checks out all of my boxes. While it does have some cons, the pros easily trumps them. I've used these shoes for the majority of my time bouldering and I can't recommend them enough.

They are a bit pricy so I would say to make sure that you really really want these shoes before buying them because I do know a couple of people who bought them and later regretted their decision and couldn't return them because they had been worn. 

( 6 avg )

Favourite shoes

Super sticky
Great sensitivity
I’ve used it a ton

Favourite shoes I have owned so far. Would definitely recommend it. I used them for bouldering and completed my hardest sends in them. 

Favourite shoes I have owned so far. Would definitely recommend it. I used them for bouldering and completed my hardest sends in them. 

Climbing Shoe Review logo no rating given just a review

The Bugatti of climbing shoes, the Drago really means business. This shoe take some of Scarpa’s best innovations and put them all in one shoe. This super soft performance shoe allows you to feel every divot, bump and crack in the rock like no other shoe I have used. I wasn’t just impressed with its super sensitivity, the Drago also delivers a brilliant balance of both performance and comfort.

gear institute logo no rating given just a review

The Scarpa Drago is a specialized weapon in the war against steep sport routes and boulder problems. As the softest shoe in the test category, the Drago is sensitive and holds the foot and toes in a powerful position for the pulling associated with the steepest stone. Toe hooking was also excellent, and the shoes also hold the top spot for pockets. Being so soft, they aren’t destined for routes dependent on edging, nor are they designed for cracks. The high performance on the steeps is also matched with a steep price though, at an MSRP of $200, they are the most expensive shoes in the test category.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 5/5

These sleek looking race car shoes are a great choice for your next Euro limestone odyssey, where they will help you flow up steep limestone by day and send-celebratory cheap wine flow down your satisfied gullet at night, along with snails or whatever. For the blue-collar all-American trad warriors out there, do yourself a favor and buy a stiffer pair of climbing shoes.

Vertical Life Magazine Gear Review no rating given just a review

I remember the first time I felt a heel hook. Not the first time I ungainly draped my hoof on a hold, still taking all my weight on my arms. I mean the first time I placed the heel and turned the toes out and down to engage my mighty buttocks and hamstring. It was a revelation. It was like the first time that I put on seeing spectacles after fighting against the tide of blindness for years and realised that trees were not watercolour smudges but were instead fractured and you could make out all the individual leaves. The Dragos have been like the seeing glasses of my feet.

Evening Sends Gear Review no rating given just a review

My only complaint is the Drago’s high price tag: $199! Dang, that’s twice as expensive as many other climbing shoes. Not to mention the fact that, with its mere 3.5mm of soft rubber, the Drago isn’t built to last and last. It seems a little odd, too, since the virtually identical Furia, even with its extra Velcro strap, is $20 less—so I’m not sure how that price is justified.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

An exceptionally sensitive shoe that performs well whilst bouldering both indoors and out; but a shoe for trad climbing this is not. Due to its soft nature it isn't the strongest performer on the smallest edges, but whilst smearing it is absolutely in its element. Surprisingly comfortable and a joy to climb in, the Drago is perfectly suited to anyone from the competition climber to the hardcore boulderer. 

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

A multipurpose all-star slipper offering both comfort and performance for intermediate to advanced climbers. “My go-to shoe. They stay in my car, go wherever I’m going, and do whatever I’m doing.”

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