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Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness
  • Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness

AR 395a


My vote: None ( 5 avg )


Built with ergonomic freedom and longwearing performance for versatility on rock and ice, the AR-395a hits the sweet spot where innovation, comfort and performance converge. Innovative Warp Strength Technology™ combines strength with a design that evenly disperses pressure and provides flexibility for freedom and comfort. Burly™ Double Weave material provides hardwearing performance with four way stretch, and laminated elastic webbing in the adjustable leg loops extends rebound life. Four reversible polyurethane gear loops, rear haul loop, four ice clipper slots provide plenty of rack space.

Warp Strength Technology™ Advantage: WST™ differs from traditional harness construction in that the load is evenly distributed across the entire width of the harness structure rather than loading a single, narrow strip of webbing in the centre or running edge binding, both of which tend to concentrate the pressure of the harness making them less comfortable. Warp Strength Technology™ cradles the body and the load is universally dispersed from edge to edge. This construction method provides a high degree of support and this new generation of harnesses are more comfortable over time and usage than ever before. The waistbelt and leg loops now include thin reinforcements that help keep the load distributed more evenly across their width and the edges have been softened for a smoother transition. All resulting in a WST™ harnesses that are durable, ultra compact, comfortably supple and light weight.

Retail price

US$ 160.00
Weight (g)


In grams, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple sizes or optional accessories) we'll list them here.

The default weight is the middle-most size, often this is size M.

395 g

Fit Men
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Gear Loops

Number of Gear Loops

Gear loops are used to hold gear (quickdraws, cams, etc) onto your harness. 4 gear loops is most common.

0 - 1 Gear Loops

Most often on full body harnesses or guide/gym style harnesses.

2-3 Gear Loops

Mostly found on lighter harnesses made for [ski] mountaineering or high-end sport climbing where weight is a high priority.

4 - 5 Gear Loops

The standard/most common number for climbing harnesses. Perfect for sport and trad.

More Than 6 Gear Loops

Designed for long multi-pitch and big wall climbing, found on harnesses made to hold the maximum amount of gear.

Worth Considering

Occasionally, the number of gear loops will change on a harness model depending on the size. There could be 7 gear loops for the med/large but only 5 gear loops for the xsmall/small. In this case we list the highest number for the filters, and then write an explanation on the product page like, “Size S/XS can only fit 5 gear loops.”

5 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots

Ice Clip Slot

Ice clipper slots are made to fit a carabiner that holds ice screws. These slots are generally only used by ice climbers but there is no disadvantage to having them on your harness.

Less than 40% of harnesses will have ice clipper slots. And those harnesses will usually have 2 or 4 slots, often located next to, or between, the gear loops.

Yes, 4
Belay / Tie-In One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop

Haul Loop

Trad climbers often look for a haul loop as they're intended to haul a rope (second line) or pack (while you climb the chimney).

A haul loop can also hold shoes or other accessories. Although not the intended use, it is also commonly used to hold a chalk bag.

No ­
Certification ­
Size Chart
Waist : 67-75 cm / 26-29 in
Legs : 48-53 cm / 19-21 in
Waist : 72-80 cm / 28-31 in
Legs : 52-57 cm / 20-22 in
Waist : 78-87 cm / 31-34 in
Legs : 52-61 cm / 22-24 in
Waist : 86-96 cm / 34-38 in
Legs : 59-66 cm / 23-26 in
XL (will fit the lower range of XXL)
Waist : 97-105 cm / 37-41 in
Legs : 63-68 cm / 25-27 in
( 5.5 avg )
( 6 avg )

Where's the padding?

Great gear loops
Very Light
All around features like ice clipper slots
Slightly less durable than other harnesses
I’ve used it a ton

The no padding thing really works. Using this harness convinced me that surface area is more important than padding. The wide waste with thin material makes this harness very comfy and very light. The gear loops hold more gear than any other harness I have worn.

The hard plastic on the loops also makes it very easy to clip and unclip to them.

( 5 avg )

Lightweight harness, not so light on the budget

Large gear loops
I’ve used it a bunch

This lovely harness has a great design that is lightweight even in terms of multipitch and alpine harnesses. I've had this piece for about 3 months now and it has served me well and is quite versatile.

The large gear loops make it nice to rack all the sport or trad gear you desire and are spread out to distribute the load onto your hips. the accessory loop in the back is also a nice feature as unlike most harnesses where you have a small one inch loop for a chalk bag or what have you, the AR 395A has a wide accessory loop for various odds and ends. The material design of the waist and leg loops allows for packability and versatility.

The downside of how packable the AR 395A can be is the fact that the harness doesn’t always want to spring back after and makes it difficult to get the harness on.

All in all, a fantastic piece of gear with great qualities.

gear institute logo no rating given just a review

The Arc’teryx AR-395a is an excellent choice for climbers looking for an all-around, four season harness to fit every mission. The lightweight and comfortable construction make it work for sport climbing with features that will satisfy many ice and alpine climbers. The gear loops are built for versatility, with removable protective plastic sheaths for more comfortable carrying of a pack, but don’t protrude as much as others which makes it a little harder to access gear. 

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Progressive construction, customizable fit, and optimal comfort help justify a slightly higher price, making it an excellent choice for gym, sport, trad, or ice. And testers liked the vibrant, easy-to-spot-on-the-wall colors.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

We love the Arc'teryx AR-395a and gave it our Editors' Choice award, but most of our reviews love their relatively cheap harnesses nearly as much. Once you get past the steep price tag, the AR-395a is a true all-around contender offering high performance across all our metrics. If you love to climb everything in sight, this harness will take you there. If this was the only harness in our closet, we wouldn't complain one bit.

Climbing Report Gear Review no rating given just a review

I feel a bit like I’m gushing, but everyone of our testers that used this harness fell in love with it and didn’t want to hand it over to anyone else. It might just be the dirtiest harness in the gear closet now with all the use its been getting. It comes in Blue for Men and Purple for the Women’s model. Weight is only 395 grams, so it won’t be holding you back on any of your objectives. We fully endorse anyone that wants to pick up the Arc’teryx AR-395a as their new harness. MSRP $159.

Climbing Zine Gear Review no rating given just a review

The division between those willing to spend top-dollar on a climbing harness and those who aren’t should be pretty self-evident: if you are, you probably know it already. There are many cheaper options, and lighter options if the most you carry is 16 quickdraws, but if you regularly find yourself on long routes with a rack of cams, jacket, shoes, etc. clipped around your waist, AND want a harness that performs for winter climbing too, the AR-395a harness is a great, versatile tool. These unique harnesses are light, simple, and really comfortable to hang in. Considering the longevity of the new models and a great warrantee program (I had a harness replaced once after one phone call, no hassle), it could be a worthy investment for the dedicated multi-sport climber.

Climbing Gear Reviews UK no rating given just a review

there have been some subtle but good improvements to what has become an iconic climbing harness. The Arc’teryx AR-395A is a fantastic all round climbing and mountaineering harness and I’ve worn it for all my personal climbing activities all season. I have found it light, compact and very comfortable to wear.

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