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Chris Soth


AR 395a

Arc'teryx AR 395a Harness

Lightweight harness, not so light on the budget

Large gear loops
I’ve used it a bunch

This lovely harness has a great design that is lightweight even in terms of multipitch and alpine harnesses. I've had this piece for about 3 months now and it has served me well and is quite versatile. The large gear loops make it nice to rack all the sport or trad gear you desire and are spread out to distribute the load onto your hips. the accessory loop in the back is also a nice feature as unlike most harnesses where you have a small one inch loop for a chalk bag or what have you, the AR 395A has a wide accessory loop for various odds and ends. The material design of the waist and leg loops allows for packability and versatility.

The downside of how packable the AR 395A can be is the fact that the harness doesn’t always want to spring back after and makes it difficult to get the harness on.

All in all, a fantastic piece of gear with great qualities.