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Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

Pro Key with Leash


My vote: None ( 5 avg )


The Pro-Key is a superb nut key with a host of great features (including a leash) to help recover stuck gear.
The Pro-key comes with a new precision ground tip which allows access to the smallest slots, as well as a wire gate at the top which allows a direct clip to the harness. Added to this, a one piece 'folded top' gives a bigger surface area to allow a strong push with the palm. Large holes keep the weight down.
Finally, and exclusively, the Pro-Key Leash comes with an extendable detachable and flexible leash which can be clipped (via a mini-wiregate biner) to your harness preventing loss in extreme positions.

Retail price

US$ 19.95

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Award Image
Weight (grams) 109 g
Wiregate Clip Yes
Palm Protector Yes
Length (cm) 18.0 cm
Leash Yes
Certification ­
( 5 avg )
( 6 avg )

Superior Nut Tool

Space on back for hammering
Good value
I’ve used it a ton

This nut tool has been on my rack since I started trad climbing. The leash is a huge plus, since dropping a nut tool would be a shame while halfway up a route. The wider back end is a huge plus for hammering out stuck pieces (my preferred hammer is a #9 Rockcentric).

The only thing I can criticize is that some other nut tools have built-in hex wrenches for tightening bolts.

( 6 avg )

Worth the price!

You can't loose it.
Great handling.
You can knock on it without harming your hand.
I’ve used it a bunch

This nut tool is almost perfect. You can't loose it. It comes with a biner so you can attach it to your harness and you can easily knock on it to tackle a hard nut. It only misses the beer opener. Definitely worth the price, even if it's ond of the most expensive nut tool on the market.

The leash is at least 1 m long when you pull on it!

( 4.3 avg )

Clutz-proof, ish

catches in pack

This had all the features I was looking for -- slim and strong, pounding end, and attached to my harness. I often let it hang behind me if I'm doing a lot of cleaning, and have never had a problem with it up on the rock. And I'll always know its there.

Too bad its not made of air, but that's typical of full-featured and durable.

( 4.3 avg )

Drop-proof, that's all i ask.

Comes with it's own leash
Pretty hefty

As far as opinions stand, a nut tool is gonna rank low on the list of "super great I love it!" scale.

But, worthwhile things to know about this bad boy: it isn't gonna break if you pound on it to work your gear outta the wall and the likelihood of dropping it is significantly decresed (when used correctly) by the handy dandy leash it is attached to. The leash can be a little cumbersome--stretching it out always makes it want to return to your harness unbidden, but I do enjoy that it compacts to a short length that stays outta my way when i am climbing. Definitely a good, reliable product.

( 4.3 avg )

I have yet to give the rated carabiner a run for its money

wiregate clip
don't have to make my own leash
palm protector
I run WeighMyRack

Overall, the nut tool seems a little excessive, but in a strange way I do kinda like the idea that all carabiners I have on my harness are weight bearing (tho I'm not sure what load I would be able to attach to this mini-load-bearing-biner). I definitely like the wide end (palm protector).

This nut tool was one of the two options at the climbing shop and the other option didn't have a palm protector--easy choice. If I was going to do it again I'd be conflicted of getting this one or the Feather, Ushba or Torque (requirements: definitely need palm protector and wire gate clip). It's hard to compare the weight of those with this Nutbuster, because I would be adding my own string/mini-biner to secure them to my harness. The leach also seems excessively burley. BUT it's worth noting that I've never had this nut tool get in the way so the stretchy leach does its job well, and I have never had any issue with the leach snapping the tool back and causing problems. AND I have seen friends struggle with their knotted home-made leaches, while I can whip this tool out with ease.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 5/5

The Pro Key is great as a good, functional all-around nut tool, for having a leash on longer traditional routes where dropping the tool would be a big deal. It sports a nice pommel a feature anyone can enjoy especially if your climbing partner likes to set all of their nuts really hard.

Using Pro Key Nut Tool

See the Pro Key nut tool in action! Although this video doesn't talk up technical specs, you can see it performing it's duty at 3:14