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Petzl Nomic Ice Tool
  • Petzl Nomic Ice Tool
  • Petzl Nomic Ice Tool Head
  • Petzl Nomic Ice Tool Grip
  • Petzl Nomic Ice Tool Bottom




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The NOMIC ice axe sets the standard for ice climbing. Perfectly balanced, equipped with weights, it offers an exceptional swing. The PUR'ICE pick provides efficient placement in any type of ice. The shape of the ice axe and the double handle offer multiple grip modes, as well as stable hand switching. The grip is comfortable, thanks to the ergonomics of the handle and to the adjustable GRIPREST handrest. Featuring a minimalist hammer, the head is protected and allows the user to hammer a piton back in. Entirely modular, the ice axe can be optimized for the terrain.


  • Efficient placement on any type of ice: 
    - perfect shape and balance of the ice axe provide an exceptional swing
    - facilitated hooking, thanks to the curve under the head
    - PUR'ICE pick is tapered at the tip (3 mm), offering excellent penetration in any type of ice, including the very hardest. It is serrated on the upper side to offer a stable support when turned upside-down
    - inertia and striking quality are optimized, thanks to the MASSELOTTE weights
  • Comfortable grip, designed for technical ice climbing:
    - multiple grip modes and stable hand switching, thanks to the double handle (high and low) 
    - lower handle is offset to protect the hand from contact with the ice and to provide more comfort when suspended
    - upper handle is over-molded and bi-material, offering excellent grip and insulation from the cold
    - hydroformed shaft for optimal grip in the middle of the shaft
  • Modular construction:
    - entirely modular head allows the technical aspects of the ice axe to be adjusted
    - sold with MINI MARTEAU, to protect the head and allow the user to hammer a piton back in
    - without accessories, the ice axe is lighter, for dry tooling (only 500 g)
    - GRIPREST NOMIC handrest is overmolded and adjustable to three positions, to adapt to all hand sizes, even while wearing gloves. The lower part has a serrated stainless steel point that improves support when used in piolet-canne mode
    - connection hole is compatible with V-LINK elasticated loss-prevention webbing


Retail price

US$ 299.95

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Weight (g / oz)

Weight (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

The weight is the packaged weight. If there are differences in weight (due to optional accessories) we'll note them here.

585 g / 20.63 oz­
Length (cm) 50 cm
Head Details Hammer­
2 Screw adjustment
Ice Rating Pick: B / Type 1
Shaft: T / Type 2
Picks Included with the tool:
Other Picks Available:
Pommel & Grip

Pommel & Grip

Upper Pommel

Fixed: An upper pommel that is fixed in place (it cannot move up/down the shaft nor can it be taken off).

Adjustable: An upper pommel that can move up and down the shaft.

Removable & Adjustable: An upper pommel that is completely removable and also adjustable.

Removeable: An upper pommel that is either on or off (it cannot move up/down the shaft).

None: If there is no upper pommel that comes standard (there may or may not be options to buy separately).

Lower Pommel

Fixed: A lower pommel that is fixed in place (the angle cannot be changed nor can it be taken off).

Adjustable: A lower pommel that can change angle or location on the tool.

Removable: When the lower pommel can be removed but not adjusted.

None: If there is no lower pommel that comes standard (there may or may not be options to buy separately).

Upper Pommel: Fixed
Lower Pommel: Removable & adjustable
Grip Size: Adjustable
Materials Pick: Steel
Head: Steel
Shaft: Aluminum
Grip: Glass fiber reinforced plastic


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2018 Petzl Quark, Nomic, Ergonomic Review by Anne Gilbert Chase
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Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The latest iteration of the Nomic improves on a tried-and-true design. The new Nomics come in at the same weight (about 21oz), but by shedding a few grams from the handle, Petzl was able to add their Mini Marteau hammer to the head, plus a stainless-steel spike to the bottom. Other improvements include a wider handle for a more comfortable grip, a glass-filled nylon overmolded upper grip (no more need for tape), pick weights shaped to better slot in cracks, and an insert in the head that prevents wobble in colder temps.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

We first got to handle Petzl's new top-end ice tools at the ISPO show in January 2018. They looked exciting; but there's only so much you can tell in an exhibition hall, and to really judge an axe you have to climb with it - a lot. Well as winters go, this one has not been the best to test ice axes, with conditions coming and going all season. Having the new NOMICS and ERGONOMICS sitting near my desk has been a frustrating business; however we've managed to get out enough to have a good idea of how they climb.

Alpinist Gear Review rating 4/5

The updated Nomics (585g each with standard accessories included, 500g without) are only slightly lighter than their predecessors while adding useful features including an integrated bi-material rubber grip over the shaft (making tape unnecessary), a built-in smaller hammer for pounding in pins, a steel spike at the bottom for use in cane mode, and tapered pick weights that slot better in cracks.