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Omega Pacific 12 mm Dyneema Shoulder Sling 60cm

12 mm Dyneema Shoulder Sling 60cm


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Our 12mm Dyneema slings strike the perfect balance between strength, durability and lightweight. Rated at 22kN, these narrow runners are superb for anchors and long draws.

Retail price

US$ 7.50
Weight (grams / ounces)

The weight as specified by the manufacturer, in grams and ounces.

31 g / 1.10 oz­
Length (cm / in) 60 cm (24 in)
Width (mm / in) 12 mm (0.472 inches, a bit under 1/2")
Material(s) Dyneema / UHMWPE
Extra Feature(s) ­
Strength (kn) 22 kN

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Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

Dyneema has become extremely popular for its ability to cut sling weight and bulk without losing strength. The Omega Pacific Dyneema sewn sling is a fairly decent option for the climber seeking a medium width, Dyneema sling. At 12mm wide it is thinner than a traditional nylon sling and runs about the middle of the pack as far as Dyneema slings go. Though not the skinniest out there, it is still a step down in weight from a traditional, bulky nylon sling. We found that the sling's width and thickness made it one of the easiest slings we tested to untie a weighted knot. We also enjoyed the smooth handling and flexibility.

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