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Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  • Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe



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Designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, the Oasi is exceptionally comfortable yet offers incredible precision and responsiveness, making rock climbing feel easier and more intuitive.
Our team of engineers and designers has been working on the Oasi project for two years, searching for the perfect rock shoe for extreme climbing.

The shoe offers exceptional performance across a wide range of climbing disciplines, from bouldering on tiny edges and friction-slopers to long endurance pitches on overhanging walls.

The Oasi has been created using the MRRB system (Maximum Range in Response and Balance), a new technology developed by Tenaya, which favours a dynamic response and perfect balance, leading to superior performance in all kinds of testing situations.
As with other Tenaya models, the Oasi features SXRDynamics, a moving tightening system incorporating design elements in the sole and structure of the shoe. However, in the Oasi we have taken this one step further with our state of the art Draxtor — the fastest, most efficient and precise lacing system in the market today.
The Oasi also features a powerful heel, providing optimum comfort and stability, while delivering excellent heel-hooking capabilities.

In the Oasi, state of the art technology combined with meticulous attention to detail proves that high performance and high comfort are possible in the same shoe, resulting in total connection between the climber and the rock.

Retail price

US$ 189.95

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Award Image
Weight 680 g

Single : 340 g / 12.0 oz
Pair : 680 g / 24.0 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Zig Zag strap 2 Velcro closures
Gender Unisex
Volume Average
Sizing Information 2-14 US M 3-15 US W1-13 UK (mid sizes included)

Take your average size for European and/or U.S. based climbing shoe brands. Your Tenaya size should be approximately 0.0 to 0.5 sizes larger than your average size in European brand shoes, or 0.5 to 1 size smaller than your average size in U.S. brand shoes. Downsize the Oasi and Tarifa 0.5 size smaller than this.

Image icon Tenaya-Shoe-Size-Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: not provided by the brand
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Microfiber
Midsole Material not provided by the brand  Double midsole GI 1.8 y TST 150
Sole Material 3.5 mm  Vibram XS Grip
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining

Cotton with TXT treatment

Other Shoe Versions male female

No reviews yet.

Rock and Run Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Masai and Oasi are just a small part Tenaya’s latest rock shoe range, but compliment each other perfectly. With just these two shoes one should happily be able do tackle everything from extreme bouldering to multi-pitch rock routes and in no way feel disadvantaged to climbers.

Training Beta Gear Review no rating given just a review

Overall, the Oasi’s offered up consistent and comfortable high performance over a variety of terrain, the construction quality is spotless and they feel light on the feet. If you’re looking for a foot friendly high-performance shoe make sure to check them out.

Crux Crush Gear Review no rating given just a review

Finally a truly sensitive downturned sport climbing shoe! Most climbing shoes sport a rubber thickness of 4-5mm, but these are just 3.5mm, and you can feel the difference. They are moderately downturned and the Vibram XS-Grip 1 rubber make for a sticky sole. I feel totally confident edging in these shoes as well as making powerful moves on overhanging routes. These are a great all-arounder for a variety of sport climbing styles.

DPM Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Oasi is, arguably, one of the best all-arounders on the market today, and if you’re the type that likes just one pair of shoes to do it all, they come highly recommended. They are super comfortable and check in as “high performance” on just about every type of bouldering and sport climbing terrain. That said, they particularly excel at steep face climbing, especially on pocketed rock like limestone, and steep, gymnastic climbs that you’d find at Rifle, the Red, or at your local gym. The balance of performance and comfort make the Oasi’s well worth their price tag.

Climbing Gear Reviews UK Performance 5/5, Quality 4/5, Value for money 5/5

I’ve been wearing the shoe indoors and out to get a good feel for it, and it seems an all rounder. I feel super confident indoors on small foot holds and I’m loving them on the steep stuff outside. They’re only slightly down turned so are a bit more flexible on different angles.

Rock and Ice Gear Review rating 4/5

I loved the Oasi on steep rock and plastic. It also performed better than I expected for outdoor face climbing. For gently overhanging rock at my limit, I’d be happier in a shoe that drove my foot more aggressively into the toe box—and be willing to tolerate a bit of pain as the tradeoff.
Overall, the Oasi is a great shoe. It provides a unique combination of performance and comfort, and really can “do it all.” I’d recommend the Oasi to ambitious climbers who like their shoes on the softer side of the Goldilocks zone.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Typically high-end rock shoes fall in one of two camps: total flexibility for sensitivity and precision, relying on the strength of your foot to perform, or an aggressively downturned and stiff sole that directs power into your toes. No longer will you have to subscribe to the extremes thanks to the Tenaya Oasi. This downturned kick keeps a stiff forefoot (funneling power to the front) but a highly pliable midfoot (creating twisting functionality) for ideal performance on everything from steep to slabby. “I needed some smedging-specific power and precision for a micro-nub on Horse Pens 40’s Slush Puppy (V4), and my ultra-stiffies kept slipping off. The Oasis made me feel like I was standing on a ledge,” one tester said.

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