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Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Veloce Men Climbing Shoe

Veloce Men


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The category defining Veloce represents a totally new concept in the SCARPA climbing collection. This indoor-specific shoe features a roomier toe box which provides beginner to intermediate climbers more comfort when wearing their shoes for extended periods of time, especially during bouldering sessions. The Veloce features our brand-new S-72 rubber which provides adhesion to even the smallest of footholds while remaining ultra-durable.

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US$ 175.00

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Weight 440 g

Single : 220 g / 7.8 oz (Size 40)
Pair : 440 g / 15.5 oz (Size 40)
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Zig Zag strap 1 Velcro closure
Gender Men
Volume ­
Sizing Information 38 - 46 (half sizes), 47 - 50 (whole sizes)

From your measured size, you'll want to consider downsizing .5 - 2 full sizes. The flatter the shoe, the closer to your measured size; the more downturned / aggressive the shoe, the more you'll want to downsize.

PDF icon Scarpa-Shoe-Size-Chart.pdf
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Asymmetry Moderate
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
Construction: not provided by the brand
Last : FKJ Scarpa considers last information super top secret so we can’t define the last types further than the initials FKJ. But, if you find a Scarpa shoe that fits, any Scarpa shoes with the same last initials will fit your foot in a very similar way.
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Microsuede
Midsole Material 1.0 mm  Flexan
Sole Material 4.0 mm  S-72 Rubber
Rand: DTS-Tension
Footbed Lining not provided by the brand
Other Shoe Versions male female

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Switch Back Travel Gear Review no rating given just a review

As a new climber, you have a lot of options when it comes to shoes, including all-rounders like the Tarantulace and outdoor-specific models like the Mythos. But if you’re getting your start inside and don’t expect to venture outdoors for a while, the Veloce is an excellent choice. We do wish the shoe had slightly more durable rubber, as beginners with poor footwork will blow through the sticky S-72 outsole in very little time (remember, you can always get a resole). But for those with good technique or intermediate climbers who have already learned their way around plastic holds, the Veloce is a great ‘tweener shoe that won’t hold you back as you move up the grades.  

Climbing Gear Reviews UK no rating given just a review

After 50 days of climbing in these shoes, there’s an almost endless list of good things I can say about Veloce. As with every shoe though, there will always be some give and take. The rounded toe box, which makes them so comfortable, has its troubles when it comes to smaller pockets. Its super soft construction obviously doesn’t perform as well on those micro-edges as a stiffer shoe would either. I also wouldn’t recommend taking these outside, or that super soft will disappear like a heart-breaking magic trick.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

Ultra-soft climbing shoes are not ideal for every situation or climber. However, if the type of climbing you prefer demands maximum sensitivity, while still supplying ample opportunities to rest your feet, then the Veloce is an affordable shoe to consider. These bouldering beasts are best suited for those with the foot strength to match their massive forearms.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Taking the push toward über-comfort plus performance that peaked in the Furia Air, Scarpa has designed a soft gym shoe with many of the same traits. Geared toward intermediate climbers wanting sensitivity and advanced climbers who keep their shoes on for extended sessions (e.g., bouldering, boarding, ARCing), the mildly downturned Veloce has proven to be a soft, light (7.4 oz per shoe), flexible training friend. It has a Flexan half-midsole that provided reliable edging, and Scarpa’s grippy S-72 sole withstood “repeated, abusive gym sessions” with minimal wear, even after three months. Comfort is off the charts, and the Veloces smear/hook/glom like demons, though you may crave greater support on jibs.

Climbing Gear Reviews UK rating 4.5/5

The well tested toe rand is similar to the Drago and Furia and offers plenty of surface area for toe hooking and even the occasional crack. It has also kept the shoe profile as it should be without any stretch.There is also a grey power band (the PAF system) that encased the arch of your foot to help keep the shoe tensioned and offer some performance enhancement by giving the Veloce a slight down turn to help push the toe into the toe box. How tensioned the heel is is shown by how many holes are at the top of the heel. The Veloce has two holes which indicates it is a mid tensioned shoe.The heel also has enough rand to perform a variety of heel hooks when you need to.

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