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 The VOLTAGE is technically retired but it's still sold online.The VOLTAGE is no longer produced by Red Chili. We're showing it as "available" on WeighMyRack because you can still find it at trustworthy online retailers.

Red Chili Voltage Climbing Shoe
  • Red Chili Voltage Climbing Shoe
  • Red Chili Voltage Climbing Shoe


Red Chili


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The Voltage has been designed to strike a perfect balance between three critical elements for a high-level technical climbing shoe: volume, downturn and precision. It is not uncommon to lose one or more of these elements by the time a shoe goes to production. Dual VCR Entry ensures a precise fit without making it difficult to get in and out of. The RC Tension midsole joins with an aggressive slingshot rand to provide high levels of support and precision. The full synthetic upper combines with the Ultra Grip toe patch that not only delivers a high level of toe-hooking performance, but also limits stretch over time. The leather footbed limits slippage inside the shoe on technical routes.

  • Wide, anatomical shape
  • Dual VCR entry
  • RC Tension midsole
  • Performance fit heel with powerful slingshot rand
  • Synthetic upper with Ultra Grip Toe Patch
  • Leather foot bed limits slippage inside the shoe on technical routes

Retail price

US$ 159.95

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Weight ­
Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume Average
Sizing Information UK sizes 3 – 12 / US sizes 4 – 13
­Image icon Red-Chili-Shoe-Fit-Guide_4.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Moderate
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Upper Material ­Synthetic
Midsole Material ­
Sole Material ­Vibram XS Grip Rubber
Rand: Slingshot
Footbed Lining


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Climbing Gear Reviews UK rating 5/5

Thankfully things have moved on in the rock shoe world and the Voltage though undeniably a performance shoe was surprisingly comfortable. I’ve become a little wary of some of the more extreme shoes around with ‘powerful’ heels and severely down toed soles – at the more modest grades at which I climb there is often little or no advantage to such specialisation. However the Voltage proved to be perfectly at home on local grit, vertical limestone and indoor overhanging plastic.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Voltage, which comes in a high-volume and low-volume version, nails precise and aggressive while being comfortable—i.e., minimal on/off. Think of these as a friendlier addition to your redpoint options. The shoes direct power into the big toe, so you do get some wear there. Said our tester, “I used them in the gym for hard, powerful bouldering, and they blew away other shoes in my quiver."