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Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Climbing Shoe
  • Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Climbing Shoe
  • Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Climbing Shoe
  • Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Climbing Shoe
  • Butora Endeavor Crimson Wide Climbing Shoe

Endeavor Crimson Wide


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The sister of the Endeavor, with a lower cut on the heel and ankle area to suit women. The Endeavor gives you power and precision where you want it. The slightly asymmetrical toe shape comfortably follows the natural line of the foot, and the shoe has an innovative triple fork webbing system for custom fitting. With its unique features and super solid construction, the Endeavor will meet and exceed your high expectations as a great all-around climbing shoe.

The two-piece Tongue is constructed of a highly breathable mesh for comfort and ventilation. The tongue contains Poron® memory foam and open cell sponge to absorb any pressure from the straps.

The front of the shoe is constructed of a synthetic micro fiber to help maintain its original shape and the back half of the shoe is made from natural leather for breathability and comfort. Fully lined with 100% organic hemp fabric to minimize stretch while resisting odor development.

Moisture-wicking split-leather foot bed for comfort and custom fit to your toes. 3D injection molded full lengths variable thickness polyurethane midsole for torsion rigidity and precision edging. Super sticky 100% butyl Butora F5 rubber sole.

Retail price

US$ 114.95

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Weight unknown
Closure Type 2 Velcro closures
Gender Women
Volume Wide
Sizing Information US Women sizes 4-10
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Asymmetry Low
Tongue Details Tongue contains Poron® memory foam and open cell sponge
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
Construction: not provided by the brand
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Synthetic Microfiber and Leather
Midsole Material not provided by the brand  Polyurethane
Sole Material not provided by the brand  Butyl Butora F5 Rubber
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining

Moisture-Wicking Split-Leather

Other Shoe Versions male female

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My Climb Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Butora Endeavor shoe edges great. On friction moves, the Endeavor held it’s own there too. I felt that the ‘sticky’ rubber on the Endeavor shoe made up for the stiffness. I liked the small amount of extra stiffness because it shielded my foot from fatigue and pain. I will be pulling these shoes out of my backpack often as my climbing days continue! I would highly recommend it for any all-around climber!

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