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 The V-Machine is not imported to the US. Sadly, this shoe is not available in the US and we have limited ability to track where else in the world it's sold (sorry!). When we know more info, we'll post it here.

Bufo V-Machine Climbing Shoe



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New shoe with precise toe. Asymmetric design predetermines this shoe for big paths and serious bouldering. Great shoe with a graceful design. In heel part perforated for better ventilation. Specially modified toe allows standing even in small holes and extremely small strips and stumps.

Retail price

US$ 48.92
Price is a static conversion from
Weight unknown
Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume ­
Sizing Information European sizes 35-47, including half sizes.
­Image icon Bufo_Shoe_Size_Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Upper Material ­Microfiber
Midsole Material 0.8 mm Bufflex
Sole Material 3.8 mm Utopia SPD II­
Footbed Lining


No reviews yet.

Rock and Ice Gear Review no rating given just a review

There's a minimalist school of thought when it comes to steep-rock shoes. Ideally, the argument goes, you'd take a can of liquid rubber and spray-paint your feet. The V-Machine fits like this. Its soft sole and wrap-around upper, basically two overlapping flaps, are sure to please those who like a simple shoe that allows them to really feel the rock with their feet. Despite its seemingly basic design the V-Machine is engineered to banana your foot when you size it right (i.e. tight), giving big-toe power when the angle gets steep.

Climbing Gear Review rating B+

The Bufo V Machine lives up to its name, delivering quite well on the promised performance. It excels at smearing on steep features, with excellent sensitivity that doesn’t come at the expense of edging ability. Its compression molded, ribbed heel rand excels at hooking and the toe has just enough rubber for toe hooking and scumming. The shoe was also the easiest Velcro to put on. The receiving ends of the Velcro straps sported large patches for angling the straps precisely for an optimized fit. But this V Machine has an Achilles heel — in the toe. The leather of the outside tongue flap meets the toe box in an uncomfortable seam. That seam, while laminated to minimize its presence, caused serious irritation to our pinky toes, making the shoe less than optimal for long sessions. A few testers also found that the supple, unlined leather upper tended to bunch up in the arch when frontpointing.

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