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 The Zone LV is technically retired but it's still sold online.The Zone LV is no longer produced by Black Diamond. We're showing it as "available" on WeighMyRack because you can still find it at trustworthy online retailers.

Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Zone LV Climbing Shoe

Zone LV


My vote: None ( 4.2 avg )


Get in the Zone during your next session with this new high-performance shoe built with our innovative Engineered Knit Technology. Designed for hard, steep climbing, the Zone combines unparalleled breathability and comfort, thanks to the knit upper, with molded rubber for superior grip.

The Zone LV is a two-strap Velcro shoe that combines the award-winning comfort and breathability of our Momentum climbing shoes, with the high-performance last of our Shadows to create a shoe built for sending at the gym or the crag. The Zone’s upper consist of our Engineered Knit Technology, which provides stretch where you need it, support where it matters and all around exceptional breathability-meaning you can go hard at the gym without worrying about your feet overheating. The shoe’s last is downturned and based on our aggressive shape, making the Zone adept at pulling hard on steep rock or plastic. The Zone’s sticky Fuze rubber is molded - inspired by the way we forge our carabiners - and not cut from one sheet of rubber. This is our engineered solution to optimize our shoe’s rubber and rands for consistency and comfort. The shoe’s vamp area also has printed rubber for extra friction while toe-hooking, and the medium-flex midsole adds a balance of sensitivity and power. For hard training sessions, this is the Zone you want to be in.

Retail price

US$ 139.95

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Weight unknown
Closure Type 2 Velcro closures
Gender Unisex
Volume Low
Sizing Information US sizes 4-13
­Image icon black_diamond_shoe_size_chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Trad / Crack
Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
Construction: not provided by the brand
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Engineered Knit Fabric
Midsole Material not provided by the brand  Soft flex
Sole Material 4.3 mm  Fuse Rubber
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining


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Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

We really wanted to like this shoe and felt that perhaps with the right foot shape, we would have loved it. For folks who want a stiff, moderately downturned shoe that does not have a leather upper, the Black Diamond Zone is a great bet. This shoe has tons of rubber on the sole, which means it will likely last for a long time. It has a stiff midsole and an aggressive shape that allows it to perform well on vertical to steep terrain. We appreciate its edging ability but felt that it fell short in sensitivity and crack climbing ability. Though moderately priced, our biggest hang-up with the Zone was regarding the overall fit, which was problematic for us.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

While we reviewed the Zone previously (No. 366), the low-volume version was new to testers. Both Zones fall squarely in the middle of BD’s line, combining the aggressive, downturned last of the elite Shadow with the two-strap closure and engineered knit upper of the entry-level Momentum. Does this hybrid work? Well, yes and no. “The Zones were great for small footholds,” said one tester, who took them crystal-standing on South Platte granite and trad climbing in Eldorado. And, “The Zone LV makes even tiny edges feel solid, and is sturdy and easy to place,” echoed another, who cited remarkable precision. But from the mid-foot back, there were concerns about the heel being baggy and the anterior last not being adjustable enough (the top Velcro strap, while large, doesn’t have much play). That said, the shoes had solid, mid-range performance with both jamming, thanks to their semi-flat last, and scumming; coupled with their precision toebox and reliable support, this makes them an attractive all-arounder.

Zone Climbing Shoe Details
Zone Climbing Shoe