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Black Diamond Focus Men Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Focus Men Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Focus Men Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Focus Men Climbing Shoe

Focus Men

Black Diamond


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When you’re run out and staring at the crux, it’s time to Focus. Engineered for high-end climbing, the Focus is built for routes and boulder problems that demand precision. Featuring a slightly downturned last with molded rubber, durable leather, and our Engineered Knit Technology, the Focus is a high-performance Velcro shoe ready for the redpoint.

Engineered to provide laser precision on routes and boulder problems that require absolute focus, this dual-Velcro, high-performance shoe has a slightly downturned last for edging prowess on steeper terrain. With the highest grade European leather upper and our Engineered Knit Technology tongue, the Focus provides breathability and durability. We also printed high friction rubber on the vamp area of the shoe—this innovative process minimizes bulk while maximizing dexterity and grip for toe-hooking. The sole of the Focus is our stiff, durable rubber that’s molded—inspired by the way we forge our carabiners—and not cut from one sheet of rubber. This is our engineered solution to optimize our shoe’s rubber and rands for weight, consistency and comfort. The Focus also features medial and lateral stabilizer rands to increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges.

Moderate, slightly down-turned last for technical climbing on vertical to gently-overhanging terrain

High friction rubber is printed on the shoe to minimize bulk and maximize dexterity and grip for toe hooking

Medial and Lateral stabilizer rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges

Retail price

US$ 174.95

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Weight ­
Closure Type Velcro
Gender Men
Volume ­
Sizing Information US sizes 5-13
­Image icon black_diamond_shoe_size_chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Moderate Aggressive
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
Upper Material ­European leather
Midsole Material ­
Sole Material 4.3 mm Neo Friction Force Rubber­
Footbed Lining

Hemp lined

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Rock and Ice Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Focus is a shoe built for edging. Its slight downturn and stiff platform allows the wearer to toe in hard and stand on dime edges with relative ease thanks to what Black Diamond calls the“Stiff-Flex” midsole. The toe is roomy yet still slim enough to fit into pockets when need be. The heel fits well and I find myself trusting smaller and smaller heel hooks with these on my feet, but still there is some side-bagginess in the heel that will make precision heel hooking difficult. For all the toe hooking maniacs out there, you can get a passable amount of purchase with the slightly textured toe, but if toe-hooking is your number one concern, I would reach for something else.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 3/5

Our testers prefer a softer downturned shoe for steep climbing, and a more sensitive flat lasted shoe for slab climbing, and the Focus didn't really hit it out of the park for any of us like classics from Scarpa and La Sportiva. If it's a stiff shoe you're after, this could be the one; just remember to size up from your street shoe if you're ordering online and can't try them on in a shop.