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Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Climbing Helmet
  • Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Climbing Helmet
  • Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Climbing Helmet
  • Mammut Wall Rider MIPS Climbing Helmet

Wall Rider MIPS



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A pioneer among its peers: the first climbing helmet featuring the patented MIPS technology, the Wall Rider MIPS offers maximum safety and protection from impacts caused by tumbling rocks or falls. When the Wall Rider MIPS helmet is subjected to an angled impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. This means that some portion of the rotational forces and energies acting on the head at impact are redirected and absorbed thanks to the large low-friction layer, rather than being transferred to the brain, this reduces the risk of a brain injury. The Wall Rider MIPS combines a cushioning EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) core with a partial hard shell for maximum safety. At just 225 g, this makes the helmet a real lightweight. The Wall Rider feels very comfortable to wear thanks to its ergonomic fit and pleasant cushioning. Safety on the mountain with the Wall Rider MIPS.

MIPS technology - the new securityThe first climbing helmet with the patented MIPS technology: The Wall Rider MIPS offers maximum safety and reliably protects against stone impacts or falls. In the event of a side impact, the helmet shifts through the low-friction MIPS layer and transmits the force exerted on your head. This considerably reduces the risk of brain injuries.

Ergonomic fit for more wearing comfort and safety - When the helmet sits, it automatically means more safety. That's why the Wall Rider MIPS convinces with an ergonomic fit that adapts perfectly to your head and provides a high degree of comfort. This is complemented by the comfortable padding and the large ventilation zones, ensuring outstanding air circulation and even heat dissipation.


  • EPP core combined with a partial Hard Shell
  • Ergonomic interior with comfortable padding
  • Large ventilation openings for good air circulation and heat discharge
  • Ultra-lightweight, minimalist adjustment system
  • All-round, fully adjustable chin strap for optimum fit
  • 2 clips on front and rubber loop on back for fixing a headlamp

Retail price

US$ 179.95

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight (g)

Weight (g)

In grams, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple size or optional accessories) we note those here.

225 g

Size 1: 225 g / 7.9 oz
Size 2: 250 g / 8.8 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)



This is the gender as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

We use the term "Men" and "Unisex" interchangeably, as there is no difference between these types of helmets.

Size Range

Size Range

The sizing options of the helmet according to the manufacturer.

20.00 in - 24.00 in

Size 1: 52-57 cm / 20-22 in
Size 2: 56-61 cm / 22-24 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust refers to the straps of the helmet. Do you want the ability to ability to "quickly" adjust the fit. This could be a dial, or other plastic pieces.

Really, most climbers don't need to change the fit of the helmet often, unless you're climbing with and without hats, or you have big hair that flattens and then requires tightening after climbing for awhile.

Vents Yes
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable No


The main climbing gear certifications are CE and UIAA--and normally the UIAA creates the rules that the CE body also supports. When possible, we try to list all the certifications the product carries.

To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

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Rock and Ice Certifications Guide
Wall Rider MIPS Details

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Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 5/5

The Mammut Wall Rider MIPS wins our Top Pick award because it's the first climbing helmet to incorporate the potentially brain protecting MIPS technology. We expect to see many more companies follow suit soon to offer this technology as well. While it costs more than any other climbing helmet we have tested, we think its potential to prevent a potentially disastrous injury is worth the small bump in cost, and highly recommend you give this helmet a shot.

My Outdoors Gear Review no rating given just a review

The EPP is what helps to keep this helmet down to the book values of 225grams , my version weighs 260 and is the 56 – 61 cm size. The “skull cap” part of the Wall Rider is what gives the helmet the initial impact protection. It we’ll fend off light debris and knocks without concern. Most of what mine has had to contend with is the ice and debris being thrown down from my lead or other teams. Along with a couple of cracks off a wall when I misjudge the angle of the route.