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Grivel Air Tech New Classic

Air Tech New Classic


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A new generation of crampons. Ten points in contact with ice while you’re walking, 12 that bite into the slope during traverses. This has been made possible because the third pair of points are shorter and wider apart. On top of this the last two front points have a double angulation to maintain bite when descending or traversing sideways.
The crampons points are short and designed for the new requirements of “mixed modern’s” alternating ice and rock. Sharp points are ideal for anchoring on ice “cauliflowers” and when in traction or adherence. Even the soles of the most modern boots are perfectly covered.
Semi-rigid model in one adjustable size.
The bar can be regulated by hand, in two different lengths.
These New version has a new binding made in “bi-components” giving greater efficiency and lightness.
It is really an “all seasons” crampon, very light and takes up a minimum of space as it folds up completely on itself.

Retail price

US$ 159.99
Weight per Pair (g / oz)

Weight per Pair (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight of both crampons together, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple sizes or optional accessories) we'll note those here.

880 g / 31.04 oz­
Ideal Uses Technical Mountaineering / Alpine
Binding System Universal
Sizing 35-46
Front Points Horizontal Dual ­
Front Point Offset No
Number of Points 10+2
Main Material Chromolly Steel
Wear Indicators No
Anti-Ball Plates Included­
Crampon Case Sold Separately (see the case here)
Heel Spur Attachment None made for this model­


The main climbing gear certifications are CE and UIAA--and normally the UIAA creates the rules that the CE body also supports. When possible, we try to list all the certifications the product carries.

To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

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Rock and Ice Certifications Guide
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UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

You'll find lighter 12-point crampons; you'll find more aggressive climbing-oriented ones; and you could certainly pay a bit less for a pair. But for the average UK hill-goer in search of something versatile the Grivel Air Tech is agood well-built compromise between weight versus durability, and climbing performance versus walking comfort. From snowy fell walks to mountaineering ridge traverses, easier Scottish winter gullies to classic Alpine routes, they are a solid choice.

Climbing Gear Reviews UK no rating given just a review

The Air-Tech additionally offer something different to the mega classic G12. First off it’s lighter and cheaper which has got to be a win win situation. I would have to assume that some of this lightness would come at the expense of durability and rigidity but to be honest over the review period I found it hard to tell. What you do notice is the Air Tech has noticeably shorter walking points (that may help with the lightness) which are also serrated. These are excellent on mixed ground as they reduced the whole ‘standing on stilts’ feeling you get on rock at times and the serrations gave some funky opportunities for added purchase on both rock and ice. Like many of the Grivel crampons it telescopes down to an extremely compact package, although if you fit the ‘concertina’ anti-balling devices to the central bar you loose this ability to an extent. The anti balling plates are another excellent feature of the Air-Tech. Grivel’s unique proactive antibott consists of a convex bulge that gets compressed as you step into the snow then tends to ‘pop’ snow off your boot when you lift your foot. There are times when the system gets overwhelmed but there were noticeably less anti-balling ‘taps’ wearing these crampons.

Features of Grivel Antibott
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Sharpening Your Crampon

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