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Wild Country Offset Zero Friend 0.5/0.75 Cam
  • Wild Country Offset Zero Friend 0.5/0.75 Cam
  • Wild Country Offset Zero Friend All Sizes

Offset Zero Friend 0.5/0.75


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Introducing the new Offset Zeros for solid holding power in small offset placements. The ultimate weapon for pin scars and flares

This micro offset version of the iconic Friend has one of the narrowest heads on the market, which means it fits nicely in shallower grooves with its slightly adapted (17,6°) version of the original and definitive (13.75°) constant camming angle. Engineered with a single axle, stainless steel termination swage, and one of the best expansion ranges going, it comes in 5 sizes for simpler racking and faster selection. We machined the extruded aluminium alloy lobes with a radical design to ensure maximum friction, minimum weight and reduced walking. This is cutting-edge design in practice. Faster, smoother, narrower and lighter to use with a highquality machined finish. Welcome to the new go-to micro offset cam for aid or free climbing.

  • Perfect for small offset placements like pin scars and flares
  • Effective flexible stem, protected by a flexible metal spring
  • Soft, aeronautical aluminum alloy and non-anodized lobes
  • Great expansion ranges
  • Narrow Head with offset cam lobes
  • High-Friction Machined Cam Faces
  • Stem Protection With a flexible metal Spring
  • Effective Flexible Stem
  • Ergonomic Trigger Design
  • Strong Lightweight Design
  • Ergonomic Thumb Loop

Retail price

US$ 90.95

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Weight (g / oz)

Weight (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

78.0 g / 2.75 oz
Cam Head 4 lobes, single axle
Offset Yes offset
Stem Flexible single stem
Sling ­x10 mm Dyneema (double sling loop)
Camming Angle 17.60° (angle is consistent throughout)
Active Strength 9 kN
Cam Range (mm / in)

Cam Range (mm / in)

In millimeters and inches, the maximum dimensions of the cam lobes when shut tight and fully extended. Since the "usable" range is so debatable, all manufacturers now list the full dimensions to avoid selling themselves short.

For offset cams, we'll list the max dimensions possible and then afterwards list each of lobe dimensions.


Offset range
20.2 - 32.9 mm / 26.1 - 41.1 mm (0.79 - 1.29 in / 1.03 - 1.62 in)
Materials ­
Certification ­

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Offset Zero Friends Cam
Offset Zero Friends Cam