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Wild Country Helium Friend Double Sling 3.0

Helium Friend Double Sling 3.0


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Helium Friends offer an unrivalled combination of usability, durability and ergonomics that make them the first choice for trad climbers around the world. The perfectly refined range of nine Friends is light, flexible and above all supremely usable. Featuring large overlaps between adjacent units, as well as overlaps between alternate sizes, there are plenty of placement options on a big pitch.

Hot forged cams
Longer reach
Trigger stops
Short termination
Smoother triggering
Original single stem design
Original single axle design
Independent cam triggering
Full strength camstops

Retail price

US$ 69.95
Weight (g / oz)

Weight (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

149.0 g / 5.26 oz
Cam Head 4 lobes, single axle
Offset No offset
Stem Flexible single stem
Sling ­x12 mm Dyneema (double sling loop)
Camming Angle 13.75° ­
Active Strength 10 kN
Cam Range (mm / in)

Cam Range (mm / in)

In millimeters and inches, the maximum dimensions of the cam lobes when shut tight and fully extended. Since the "usable" range is so debatable, all manufacturers now list the full dimensions to avoid selling themselves short.

For offset cams, we'll list the max dimensions possible and then afterwards list each of lobe dimensions.

41.9 - 67.5 mm  (1.65 - 2.66 in) ­
Materials ­
Certification CE, EN, UIAA

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Helium Friend Double Sling
Features of Helium Friend Cam

No voice explanation but the video shows all the features of Helium Friend Cam.

Introduction to Cams