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Mosesclimbing  Tomahawks

Tomahawks 3


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The Tomahawk is a hooking piton for use in thin seams.  It is designed primarily as a thin nailing piece, requiring the use of a hammer, but can also be hand-placed into “beak slots” or natural constrictions in thin cracks.  The design enables easier and quicker cleaning to prevent the piece from becoming fixed.  The Tomahawk is available in three different versions – standard (straight), left, and right as well as three different sizes – #1, #2, and #3 .  The left and right versions are bent and are intended for corners.


Curved stem:  The curved stem allows for greater clearance over irregularities in the rock surface and allows the “beak” to be buried deeper in bomber placements; it also allows for greater hooking potential when used in clean placements.
Improved hooking action:  The “hooking action” of the Tomahawk is superior to that of the Pecker and Birdbeak, due to the longer, curved stem and forward positioning of the cable hole.  This greater hooking action helps the Tomahawk to stick better when hand placed and when used as more of a hook than a piton.
Multiple hammering surfaces:  In addition to the primary hammering surface used to drive the Tomahawk into a crack (b.), there are four hammering surfaces that can be used to clean the piece – two for upward hammering (c. and e.), one for downward hammering (a.), and one for upward hammering, which through rotation, levers the blade outward (d.).

Retail price

US$ 28.95
Weight (grams) 138 g ­
Weight (ounces) 4.85 oz
Type Beak
Material Details Heat-treated 4130 chrome-moly steel
Color Dark (black)
Sling Wire Cable
Galvanized aircraft cable clip-in loop with zinc-coated copper sleeve
Length length missing from brand's website
Width width missing from brand's website
Thickness Thickness (mm): 4.76 Thickness (in): 0.187
Certification Not certified (most progression aid gear isn't)

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