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Grivel Antibott+Accordeon Rambo 4

Antibott+Accordeon Rambo 4


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Accordion: Elastic protection which prevents snow build up on the crampon's bar in case of humid or heavy snow. In this case Accordion represents an essential element for your safety. Antibott: Flexible sheets that prevent snow build-up beneath the crampon. Pro-active dynamic system was invented and patented by Grivel in 2003. The alpinist walks and the snow that has built up between the points is simply ejected, with no extra effort and it works every time in all situations. The Accordion helps reduce snow build up around and under the adjustment bar. 'Old' antibotts fit crampons built pre 2008. All Grivel crampons are stamped with a manufactured date to assist in finding the correct fit for the antibott. Contact our customer service for assistance.

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US$ 79.99
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Weight (g / oz)

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Main Material

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Ice Rating

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