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Echo Wire

Cypher Echo Wire Gate Carabiner


I have these carabiners on all of my slings as the biner I clip my rope to. They are so great! AMAZINGLY light! They are easy to fit 2 fingers and the rope while clipping. Best wire gate biners I've ever used.


Like Buttah'!

I have 3 of these lockers and I love them! The actual screw on the gate spins so easily, it make unlocking and locking a breeze! Don't worry though, they stick when you lock them, and I have never had a problem with un-screwing themselves. The best oval locker I own. I love it Mammut!


Cypher Echo Straight Gate Carabiner

Love them

These biners are super lightweight and awesome. I use them to clip to slings or bolts. Best straight-gate biners I've ever used.


great beginers harness for women

great fit for a woman's body...
speed buckle slips
drop leg loops are a challenge
uncomfotable in a hanging belay

This was my first harness, and for what I needed it for, it was great. Comfortable even while hiking, reinforced gear loops, great fit for a girls body. Now that I require more out of a harness, it doesn't quite cut the mustard. Although the fit is great (sitting on my waist, high above my hips) I find that when I'm in a hanging belay for too long it digs into my kidneys and causes an almost throbbing in my lower back. Also, there are only four gear loops, which for a beginner is fine. I find myself wishing I had an additional two gear loops so I wouldn't have to carry an additional gear sling over my shoulder. One last thing, they say that they have dropped leg loops, but if you alone at an anchor and you have to pee, there's no way you're getting those suckers back on alone. A partner is required to clip them back in. It would be way better if there was a simple buckle, like the Black Diamond harnesses. One other thing; it has auto double-backing buckles. They always slip on me, which can be a very dangerous thing. I find that tying an overhand knot prevents slipping.Long story short, EXCELLENT harness for a beginning female climber. I uses it almost every day. Lacks the additives that are needed for trad climbing, but I'm definitely hanging on to this harness.