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Tony M



CAMP Dyon Carabiner

Not cheap but maybe worth having one around.

Great feel
I’ve used it a ton

Intriged by the design and a glutton for new gear, despite the price i bought a few to try out. First glance, a tad bit heavier than the photon wire gates and compared to the photons a little heavier of a trigger than the wiregate photons. But overall a very similar carabiner in feel. I have found the nose of these carabiners to be nice and small, nice for clipping the smaller holes on BD ice screws, and i had no problems working them with big gloves on. The nose is so small and smooth that it can actually help in the duty of un-tying wet weighted knots, especially in those skinny, dyneema slings. So a great "double use" peice on the rack for that reason alone. Not to mention it works flawless as an actual carabiner too. It is also my go to for alpine draws since there is no notch on the nose to catch when you're extending them. Too bad they run so expensive or I'd have a whole set of them.