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Metolius Element Green

Screw It!

Round stock all the way around allows it to run smoothly in guide mode even if it spins around to the point where the rope is running along the spine
Lightweight for what it is
Takes about twice as many rotations of the screw (about 13 half rotations) to lock it as a normal screw-gate carabiner
I’ve used it a bunch

I have used this carabiner for my ATC guide for the last year now. I got it because it is round stock which allows it to last longer and run smoother in guide mode compared to an I beam carabiner. This is the lightest full round stock carabiner I have been able to find and I really like it for what it is. The only dowsnside is that it takes longer than normal to screw. This isn't a major issue if you are not wearing gloves and if the screw is running smoothly because you can run your whole finger along the screw 3-4 times to lock and unlock it. If you are wearing thicker gloves or grit has gotten in the threads, it makes it much harder to do this.