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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Suiper easy one handed use
not great on bolts...

This biner is super easy to use. Many auto-lockers are a little difficult to use one-handed, this one is easy. I've never had an issue EXCEPT when clipping into a bolt hanger. I was curious, so i clipped in with the gate facing the bolt head. I was able to manipulate the biner in such a way that the bolt head would engage the slider and unlock and open the gate. However, I was unable to remove the biner from the hanger without the gate snapping shut and locking.

As a result though, I always clip into a bolt with the gate facing away form the bolt head.

Gridlock Screwgate

Black Diamond
Black Diamond Screwgate Gridlock

More hassle than it's worth

Prevents crossloading
requires more steps than other biners

The main in-practice difference between this and other crossload-preventing biners is that the piece preventing the biner from spinning is attached to the gate. So if you lock it but forgot to pull your belay loop through, you have to unlock it to be able to pull it through. I could see how someone could easily get used to that, but my first course of action after clipping everything together pre-belay is to lock my biner. Meaning I usually forget to pull through before locking.

I also question the structural integrity of the piece inside the biner. If you forget to pull through and that get's shockloaded, when will it break? Will it leave a ragged metal edge inside your biner? I've never seen one break like that, just voicing a concern.