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Choucas Pro

Blue Ice
Blue Ice Choucas Pro Harness

Best winter Harness ever?

super light
Fully Featured
Quick to put on over crampons
leg loops can get tangled
I’ve used it a ton

I have used this harness as my Scottish winter climbing harness this season. When I first removed the chocus pro from the bag it comes with i was shocked at how light and thin it seemed. A bit too sexy really.  It really is super light and with no padding it packs down to a crazy small size. It takes up next to no room in my bag and easily fits in side a helmet along with a belay plate.  

Despite its small size and weight it is fully featured and VERY comfortable.  As mentioned above it has zero padding as it has been designed specifaclly for alpine/winter climbing where it would be worn over winter layering systems.  I have found that the absence of padding has actually made it more comfortable than many of my other harnesses (such as my BD Zone). It doesnt seem to lift or rub in any spots at all, it feels snug and secure whilst tightened up bearing a full rack for scottish mixed.

The clipper slots are well placed and gearloops are generous, although they are made out of thin stiff cord they dont seem to catch on quickdraws they way you might expect.  The only critcism I would have is the second gear loop is a little far round your hips to your back, however the front loops being the size they are allows for all the important bits to be racked there (I usually rack 3 cams 5 draws and a set of offsets on one of my front loops for example) and for the other bits to be kept neatly out the way. The leg loop system works well but you need to get your head round spotting twists in the legs before securing them. I will admit to having started up an approach slope for my partner to tell me one of my legs were twisted upside down. This is probably down to it being so sexy and thin!

The belay loop is THIN, the tie in points seem to have been reinforced a bit more. I was bit dubious at first about the harness's durabilty, particularly using it for scottish winter, which often involves physical grovelling up chimneys and grooves, however i am pleased to report there are little to no signs of wear at all.

All of this considered its a FANTASTIC harness would recommed for mountain trad, scottish winter , ice and alpine. Get it and see for yourself its the best.