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Petzl Elios Helmet

Protect your dome

This is my first helmet, and although I've bought another I still wear this one. Very comfortable, it doesn't move on my head, and most of the time I forget that it is there. It was a cheap option when I was looking around, and I have no complaints. I think anyone would be very happy to purchase it.

Half Dome 2018

Black Diamond
Black Diamond Half Dome

Save yourself a noggin knockin

Very nice helmet. I bought it as a second helmet and it works well. It is comfortable and it wasn't expensive. My only complaint is that sometimes when I tighten the hat it catches my hair and pulls, which is not fun. Other than that, really good hat.

ATC Guide 2018

Black Diamond
Black Diamond ATC Guide Green

For the people who just like to climb

I own a lot of ATCs, but if I could only own one, this would be it. Belay a second, assisted catch on lead, light, safe, exactly what you want. It works well in every situation, and the only reason you would want something else would be if you aren't that comfortable belaying or you know your climber will spend a lot of time hang dogging a route. Those situations call for a grigri, but everything else, 95% of climbing, this is the one that you want.

GriGri 2

Petzl GriGri2 Blue

Like a regular ATC for lazy people!

I looked around when I was buying an auto locking ATC. I liked the grigri but struggled to get it to lower well with the thicker gym ropes. I guess I was just spoiled because everything else I tried was worse than the grigri. This little guy is great for everything, and I recommend it to most newer climbers. More experienced climbers will probably be just fine with a regular ATC, but most experienced climbers probably know that already. Don't let the ease of use spoil your good ATC form, but this guy makes everything else seem like much more hard work.

Alpine Up

Climbing Technology
Climbing Technology Alpine Up

This is something I own

Can do everything
no moving parts so it is really safe and durable
A little stiff
it can lock on you easily

I got this device because I wasn't in love with the grigri. It seemed like it did everything, and it does. Anything you need to do on the mountain, this device can do, and do pretty well. It belays smooth, and auto locks on the fall. It keeps people belaying with the correct motion, where some people have a tendency to get lazy with the grigri.

The only issue is that if you are working a route, the locking can be a little difficult to undo, and it can lock if the person is climbing fast and you take rope too quickly. Then it is tough to unlock...

If you can only have one device and you need to belay, rappel, and you want locking, this will do it all. If you can afford a grigri and another 40 bucks for a regular guide level ATC, then that is the way to go.