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Valley Giant

The Valley Giant oversize cams provide the best rock climbing protection anchors for wide crack climbers. No other cam, tube-chock, or other device can match the size, convenience, reliability and safety of the Valley Giants. They can be placed like conventional cams, or pushed above the climber during an ascent. They are strong enough for use in belays, hanging bivouacs and as rescue anchors.

The two Valley Giant cam sizes, VG9 and VG12, fit cracks from 5.7-inches (145mm) to 12-inches (300mm). These two sizes take over and keep going where other cam lineups give up and quit. The Valley Giant cams are numbered according to their nominal span, in inches. The difference in sizes conforms to the sizing scheme that other cam manufacturers use - the VG9 is the next size up from a 7.5-inch (190mm) "Number 6" cam. The VG12 is the next size up from the VG9.

The Valley Giants were designed, from the outset, to be huge offwidth cams. Some other "large" cams are simply enlarged versions of small cams, and are deficient in various respects. By comparison, the VG cams have many unique design features, not seen on other cams, that make them safe, stable, and user-friendly. Designed, manufactured and refined through repeated use on the big walls by a mechanical engineer, they are extremely smooth in operation and incredibly strong.

These oversized spring-loaded camming devices (SLCDs) are perfect for Yosemite Valley, the Devil's Tower, Zion, Sedona, Squamish, Vedauwoo, and other wide crack meccas. If your perversion of choice is offwidth hell, these finely crafted masterpieces will give you the confidence to get up those unprotectable death traps. Whether you are a novice seeking improved safety, or an expert pushing the free climbing limits, the Valley Giant cams will be a valuable addition to your wide crack gear.

If you need rock climbing cams this big, you probably won't find them anywhere else.

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