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To speak about the Trango Towers in the Karakorum Range is to refer to one of the most challenging mountain and climbing adventures imaginable. You are faced with vertical walls that stretch upwards for two kilometres at an altitude of nearly seven thousand meters. If you are willing to put yourself to de most difficult test, everything must be in the best conditions of preparedness technique, material, physical, fitness, logistics, etc. From a personal and material perspective, this is a world where the greatest requirement is perfection.

For this reason, hen we first considered the idea of creating and supplying high-performance adventure and leisure clothing over two decades ago, the challenge that climbing the Towers of Trango inspires in lovers of mountains and nature was our source of inspiration.

Our developments in the filed of technical garments are built on tree pillars, constant innovation in materials and forms, working as a team with our suppliers in ongoing research, and our close collaboration with sporting and adventure specialists on that incomparable testing ground – nature itself. This allows us to advance in the creation of high-performance products.

Trangoworld’s spirit and values.

Our desire at Trangoworld, through our quality range of products, is:

Promote an active and healthy life style.
Personal improvement and social integration through outdoor activities.
Enjoyment of nature.
Respect for the environment.
Fight sedentarism, boreness and modern urban stress.
The History of Trangoworld

It all began in 1928...
It was the adventure of two friends, Álvaro Artiach and Narciso Hidalgo. Two nature lovers – one a hunter, and the other was a canoeist and mountaineer. In 1928 they pooled their savings and founded Radio Sport, the first business in Zaragoza that opened its doors to the symbols of modernity of the time: sports and radio.

…with two entrepreneurs…
With an entrepreneurial spirit in the Spain of scant resources, they imported hickory Wood from Norway, marine panel from Guinea, gunpowder from Italy and Japan, and they manufactured skis, canoes and shotgun shells. They designed, manufactured, and experimented with the material. In 1930, with a canoe prototype and a tent that today would seem rudimentary to us, Hidalgo established the first canoeing record going 400 Km down the Ebro River from Zaragoza to the Mediterranean in seven days.

... a passion that made an industry.
With time and overcoming great difficulties, in the 1940s, this entrepreneurial spirit led them to manufacture backpacks, ski trousers and anoraks, tents, motorcycle helmets, boxing gloves, and in general, articles for all sports, and the initial business, at the end of the 1950s, became a sports industry: Casa Artiach (Hidalgo and Artiach) S.C.

In the 1960s development began...
By the end of the 1960s, and driven by the new passion for Camping, the industry had become a reality that employed 140 collaborators in a new 3,500 m2 plant specializing in the manufacture of camping, mountaineering and nautical material. Innovating designs and experimentation (I+D+E) was the driving force of the process. In the 1970s, Casa Artiach S.A. was the leading Spanish company in the camping, mountain and military camping sector.

... which was consolidated in the 70s and 80s...
Number 1 in camping material with a market share of 40%.

Excursion and High Mountain tents.
Family camping tent structures.
Army special operations tents.
Backpacks, sleeping bags, complements.
Sleeping pads.
Line of Caravan Awnings and Trailer Tents.
Inflatable Nautical line of Neoprene and Hypalon vessels ranging from recreational sailing to speed boats or large boats, with lengths from 2 to 6 metres in both flexible and rigid hull.
Folding swimming pools.
From Camping to the clothing of the 90s...
The 90s decade, with the improvement in the quality of life, saw the decline of camping and the beginning of the sport leisure and sport clothing era.

The TRANGOWORLD Project began with the development of new product ranges and technical characteristics for the new outdoor activities that began to become popular in those years.

Clothing inspired in mountaineering and for citizen use.
Technical materials, functional manner, advanced features.
Breathable laminates with sealed seams, polar linings, elastic fabrics, soft-shells, etc.
... to the “technical wear” of today.

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