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Singing Rock

SINGING ROCK is climbing–and we live up to this motto. Our company is located in Czech Republic near Krkonoše National Park and Bohemian Paradise where are situated the amazing sand stone rock climbing areas. Most of our staff are climbers, alpinists or backcountry skiers.”Crazy cools” with ice axes, haul bags, skis and crampons. Most of them took their first steps within the sand stone labyrinths of Bohemian Paradise and hard granite of the Jizera Mountains. Some of them later continued to the higher mountains or have specialized on sport climbing or bouldering. The Singing Rock Climbing Team has climbed hundreds of kilometres, as well as fallen down hundreds of times. Supported by a team of top climbers and mountaineers, we are able to test and improve our products, developing functional as well as a high quality climbing equipment. Fellipe Camargo, Carlos Logrono, Dušan Janák, Dejan Koren, Stráníci brothers, Luboš Mázl, Jitka Mázlová, Czech mountain guides and others help us to test and improve every product which is coming from our factory.

SINGING ROCK is always coming with new and original solutions on the market. For the first time in its history is introducing new “Ice Line” – products intended for mountaineering and ice climbing. These new products are just a start point and will be extended very soon with other tools for climbers who love ice and snow.

SINGING ROCK is also becoming more aware about the environmental impact of our production and products. We have committed to use more eco-friendly materials which have less impact on the environment. Products are produced from green raw materials and the team of Singing Rock is engaged to clean up rock areas and give conscience to future climber generation to preserve our planet. Organic cotton, organic bamboo or 100 % biodegradable bags are just the examples of our green steps towards a sustainable future.

SINGING ROCK is committed to bring you high quality and highly-functional equipment with minimal impact on the environment.


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