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If you see someone out climbing with old kit then the chances are that some of it is Podsacs kit. The reason for that is that Podsacs have always made stuff that lasts. Not only does it last, it performs too, so why throw it away? With Podsacs equipment you buy something new when you want to, not because you have to. We have become a watchword for performance and durability.

Podsacs is now back at its original home in Sheffield as part of the online cycling retailer Planet X. Planet X are the fastest growing UK bike company, with a strong retail heritage of over twenty five years. Employing over 100 staff in our South Yorkshire headquarters we design, manufacture and assemble high performance road and mountain bikes and componentry, retailing to a global market. We are now in a fantastic position to combine the Podsacs superior reputation for performance, functionality and durability, with the no nonsense philosophy and pricing associated with Planet X.
Podsacs joins Planet X's existing brands, On-One, Titus, Holdsworth, Sab, Tomac and Viner.

Podsacs was born in 1983 out of the passion of Pete O’Donovan (POD) to design and make the best and most durable packs for the most discerning climbers and mountaineers. As a Sheffield, UK, based climber Pete was immersed in one of the most intense and hardcore climbing communities on the planet, and strove to build the finest packs for his demanding peer group. They quickly became the first choice for those ‘in the know’ and their reputation has endured within the climbing community to this day.
Building on 30 years of experience Podsacs have combined cutting edge design and technology with bespoke fabric engineering to create this new range, meeting the needs of today’s Alpinists and climbers.

So, whether you plan to enjoy a day out in The Pass, or are planning a trip to the greater ranges, Podsacs won’t let you down.

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