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The name Millet became famous in the 1930s when the first shopping bags with shoulder straps appeared. Adapted a few years later into a backpack, the idea quickly catapulted the French brand to the top. The development of technical products for use in the mountain environment gave the brand a strong image, strengthened by the input and backing of the generation’s best mountaineers.

On 6 February 1995, the brands Millet, Racer and Gamet were purchased by Lafuma (Philippe Joffard), leader in the French market for backpacks, Millet having been edged out into second place. In October, Millet formed links with Mac (leader in underclothing for use in the mountains) which had belonged to Lafuma since 1993. In 1996, the links between the two brands were completely established and they merged to form an international-scale company in the outdoor goods sector, under the brand name MILLET, on 1 September 1997.

The second diversification of the Millet brand occurred in the same year in the market for climbing ropes and shoes. The Lafuma Group bought out Rivory and marketed the brand’s products via Millet. In September 1998, the takeover of One Sport (climbing shoes, hiking and mountaineering boots) inaugurated the creation of a technical cell within the Lafuma Group comprising the Millet, Rivory and One Sport brands. Rivory allied itself with Cousin to create the world number 2 in the market for climbing, alpinism, and canyoning ropes. Today the ropes are made by Cousin and distributed under the Millet brand name.

Faithful to its roots, Millet is currently as prolific as ever in its traditional sector of technical products, clothing, backpacks, shoes, and ropes based on its textile expertise. Millet continues to offer each mountaineer, hiker or skier the possibility to kit themselves out from head to toe, a promise that few brands are in a position to make.

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