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Established 1923 Jetzendorf, Germany they produce 95% of our footwear in the center of Europe, following the strictest environmental laws in the world. We purchase materials from European suppliers required to follow the same strict rules when producing their merchandise.

They are all invested in the health of their community. The LOWA factory in Jetzendorf, Germany is literally in the middle of this Bavarian village. The cows who drink from the stream behind their factory stay healthy, not to mention the workers, neighbors and families.

Lowa's leathers are manufactured in Germany and Italy. Where tanneries are required to own their own sewage plants to prevent pollution. These plants are under constant supervision by government regulating agencies. Lowa does not produce cows to make shoes. Top quality leathers come from cattle hide, bred for meat production. This eliminates waste and additional impact on the environment.

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