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The name Kailas is derived from the name of the holy Tibetan mountain Kailash.

Mount Kailash rises out of the ground near the source of some of Asia’s longest rivers and is regarded as a sacred place by four religious traditions. Every year religious pilgrims make the journey to Mount Kailash, following the traditions of their ancestors dating back thousands of years.

The rugged terrain, high altitude and harsh weather, make this pilgrimage very challenging, but those choosing to take it on remain undeterred.The will power required of these pilgrims to complete this spiritual journey is beyond the imagination of most.

It is an undertaking that expresses humankind’s unending search for ultimate freedom and highlights the passion at Kailas, 'Exploring Life'.

This is the philosophy and passion the Kailas team lives by. As an outdoor gear and apparel company, they deeply understand the significance for climbers and mountaineers worldwide to express this passion for life.

Today Kailas is widely recognized across China as the premiere brand in the manufacturing of technical climbing gear and apparel.We have grown to be China's number one company in this specialised market.

The Kailas mission is to develop mountaineering and climbing around the world. They promote these sports to all generations and have dedicated themselves to the development of a Non-governmental Mountaineering and Expedition Project.

The product team invests heavily in research and development, focusing on new technology and materials. They also cooperate with other global companies. Today, Kailas products range from climbing gear and hard weather jackets to backpacks and outdoor sporting essentials including climbing hardware.

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