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It seems just like yesterday when, almost by accident, we created what is today surely the best-known 'hanger' in the world of climbing.

Over 24 years have gone by - years in which we have carried out important design and manufacturing work, always true to our main values: Safety and quality

Today FIXE is present in over 180 countries and has over 700 products. The key to our growth has been our constant desire to create products that are new and better than existing ones.

The service we offer our customers is our main concern, and why we believe it is very important to implement a logistics system in which orders and deliveries are handled promptly and swiftly, thereby satisfying retailers so that they can in turn satisfy their end customers.

Over the years it has been of great value to us to receive your opinions and comments, and this has helped us to improve our products.

We hope this close relationship will continue; we are always open to any suggestion that helps us to improve things both on a technical and logistics level.

The FIXE team is made up of a group of colleagues who are always ready to listen to your proposals. Please keep them coming as you have in the past. We are convinced that in order to continue existing in a market as competitive as this, we need a mutual collaboration that will help us to improve our work together day by day.

You will always have a team of professionals at your disposal.

From April 1st 2009, FIXE CLIMBING and FADERS have been united in order to create one of the largest Spanish companies on the sector.

In 2011 they've continued to be their own companies, and distrubuted by TechRock

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