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Evolv is a US-based performance climbing and outdoor footwear company dedicated to creating high friction technical rock shoes as well as performance casual footwear. Born in 2003, out of a dream to create the best rock climbing shoes in the US, the first Kaos and Bandit models were handcrafted and built in a 500 square foot garage by the two owners. A decade later, Evolv is now one of the top rock climbing shoe companies in the world and is trusted by many professional athletes, and weekend warriors alike, to reach their full potential.

Evolv proudly sponsors world-class elite athletes: Chris Sharma, Daila Ojeda, Peter Croft, Lisa Rands, Steph Davis, Matt Segal, Lonnie Kauk, Craig Demartino, Ronnie Dickson, as well as numerous National and Grassroots athletes, many of whom contribute to product design and development at our US headquarters. By owning and operating a US manufacturing facility and R&D facility, Evolv designs innovative products and manufactures the highest quality rock climbing shoes under strict quality control. Manufacturing our shoes in the US has also allowed us to stay true to our humble roots and provide the best resole service in the USA through our resole branch, Yosemite Bum.

In 2012, we launched our newest performance casual shoe, the “CRUZER,” which has already grabbed a lot of attention by climbers and the media. This year we plan to introduce some new additions to our rock climbing shoe line, keeping us competitive and in tune with what our loyal customers are asking for out on the rock. Stay tuned!

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