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Is thirty years in alpinism a long time? 

In the eighties the ice climbing elite were already climbing at a level similar to today’s grade 6. 
In 1978, a team from the Pyrenees, who were ahead of their time, took on a three-day expedition to scale the frozen columns of the Gran Cascade in Gavarnie. During the same era, a strong Italian party overcame the wall of seracs on the Mont Blanc Massif for the first time.
Around this time people began to climb the north face of the Droites (Chamonix), increasingly quickly, sometimes soloing and in winter.

Thirty years ago we were already there. We set out with passion on our voyage into the world of Alpine climbing and were lucky enough to share ropes, knowledge and dreams with some of the greats, among them Boivin, Grassi and Julien. 
We were there at the time when the first “Ice Six”, from Charlet’s old factory in Chamonix, came onto the market.
We took part in the earliest ice climbing meets in the Pyrenees, the Alps, Scotland and the United States and participated in the first ice climbing competitions in Courchevel.
We have been involved in the world of ice climbing for nearly three decades and are currently in close collaboration with the latest generation of alpinists, those who are climbing grade 7, M14 and 9b.

Our “Team Players” are at the cutting edge of the sport and want to be alongside them providing solutions to enable them to develop more difficult climbs, whilst using their input to improve our products.

All this experience, together with our background in industry has helped us to develop this high-tech amazing project to manufacture latest generation gear with new and advanced features. is our contribution to alpinism in the XXI century.
Once again we have a long path to follow, but the enthusiasm is the same as it has been for the last thirty years. We feel really lucky to have come so far.

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