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Born in 2009 out of a desire to make some clothing and accessories for bouldering capable of conveying all of the emotions that one might experience in a journey around our planet.
At the same time, we want to do everything possible to not destroy it, so that we might have something to continue exploring. This desire informs the process by which we manufacture and produce our products.

Positive vibes

It is under the banner of FUN that we design and create all of our clothing and accessories, always keeping in mind the opinions of others. We’re all about sharing ideas, passions, and good humor. Sometimes, it takes more than a few tries to achieve a product that makes the whole team smile.
We like the idea that people who are interested in what we are doing participate in the evolution of our brand. Promoting fun and putting on a show. We want all of you to get excited and tell the world.
Respect the planet

Climate change, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, increasing pollution of the oceans, rivers and atmosphere, the scarcity of potable water…are just a few of the threats facing our planet and we take seriously our obligation to not remain passive in the face of these issues.

At Charko we are very much aware that that certain activities associated with our business can generate negative environmental impacts and we have attempted to minimize these impacts from our beginning.
How? In short, by contributing to a more sustainable society through taking responsibility and acting with Respect.
We use GOTS-certified organic cotton that is cultivated in fertile soil where the cycles of the earth are respected, without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is also spun and produced without the use of toxic chemicals.
Our fabrics come from textile companies with Made in Green and Oeko-Tex certifications.
The printing process that we use for our garments is also GOTS certified.
We reuse previously used resources, giving them a second life.
Whenever possible we choose recycled polyester.
Our providers attempt to provide us with 100%-recycled fabrics, which will allow us to expand our line of products made with recycled fabrics.

All of our paper bags, notebooks and other paper media that we issue regularly are made with either 100% recycled or FSC-certified paper.
We continue to work to achieve plastic-free packaging for all of our products.
Driven by globalization and massive global trade, transportation is responsible for the emission of 20 million tons of sufur oxide (SOx) annually.
At Charko, we do everything we can to minimize the transportation necessary for the production of our products by using E.U. providers and fabricating everything at our headquarters or at collaborating sights within no greater than 20 km.
Sustainable and socially-responsible production: By designing and producing our products in the E.U., mostly in Spain, we try to do our part to contribute to the improvement and sustainability of our community and the families that live within it.
We also support environmental and humanitarian projects Such as the NGO Survival

High-quality products

In collaboration with the other companies that work with us, our sponsored athletes and clients, we aim to improve our products everyday.
A very important part of this process is the feedback we get from you, whether critiques or suggestions…
And, of course, our Boulder Test Center where we put our products to the test.
Reaching as many people as possible

To date, Charko is present in 19 countries and we just keep growing
Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand
In Spain, we have become the brand of reference for bouldering and we continue to work to achieve this same stature worldwide.
Growing and improving
A sustained annual growth rate of over 50%
From the beginning, the project has projected positivity, respect, constant improvement, innovation and fun

Due to all of these efforts, its fair to say that Charko products are not cheap.
However, our clients recognize that they are paying for something that is good for them, for others and for future generations.
That said, we believe that our prices are fair and do what we can to keep them reasonable, as we haven’t created all of this with the goal of making outsized profits. We can assure you that while the economic benefit that we gain may be quite low, the personal and emotional gratification is quite high and that continues to inspire us everyday.
Our secret: Fun and Respect.

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