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When we were still children and we began dreaming of being able one day to climb high on the big walls of the Alps, it has often happened that somebody was saying to us "You want to do like Cassin?".

In one of those moments, we have started to know this name. And when then the desire has transformed into action this name has accompanied us again, and we associated it with the name of an artist, interpreter of the drawings that the nature engraved in the rock.

We have been able to admire and to appreciate all that, learning and meditating on the tenacity, the perseverance, the essentiality, the wisdom of the man.

The destiny had wanted that we met this name again and had wanted as well that we were in part the craftsmen of the dreams of many children, who turn their look up by instinct, and that a day, when they will be grown-up, they will be able to run after what their mind has already made.

Today Cassin company has become all this: a laboratory of ideas and innovation, where other actors model and create the instruments for new artists, for those who want to blend with the rock and with the ice, .......

..... for those who respect the mountain because they find in it reasons of freedom and fullness.

We would like to think about Cassin company like the workshop where a team designs the object that will serve to the community, but at the same time we also love to compare it with the atelier where cloths are made-to-measure.

Today Cassin Srl has been equipped with all the required means for answering to the climbers and mountaineers' demands.

Cassin is true action on mountains and crags, it is a real history of high technology.

What is important on gear is that their quality, their "intelligence", their technicity must be of so high standard that one could almost forget them and could consecrate himself to the most important thing: to the climbing.

That is why we would like to honour the rock, the ice, the snow, and not only the products and the climbers who use them.

We know very well that without these miracles of the nature like mountains and crags we could not realize our art. Cassin gives carte blanche in order to make visible and evident the spirit of climbing through these pages.

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