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Beal is a small family entreprise employing 45 people, situated in Vienne, in the French Department of Isere.

Despite its modest size, Beal qualifies as the world’s premier manufacturer of climbing and security ropes.

This leading position is explained by indisputable technical advances in the production process compared to its competitors.

The international presence of Beal and sale of the 8 million metres of rope which leave the premises in Vienne annually are supported by a worldwide network of distributors spanning 40 different countries.

In addition Beal has an associate in the US state of Georgia which covers American market needs, thus overcoming in part the vicissitudes of the dollar.

ISO 9001 certified to guarantee production quality, Beal devotes 5% of its turnover to Research and Development and another 5% to promotion. A good part of the promotion budget goes to sponsoring stars of the climbing and mountaineering world : from Patrick Edlinger to Lynn Hill, from Yuji Hirayama to Fred Rouhling, most of the leading lights of climbing form part of the " Beal Team".

First manufacturer to have obtained CE approval for its semi-static ropes, Beal is also very active in the field of security and working ropes used in industry.


Since starting with Yannick Seigneur, then accelerating with Patrick Edlinger, the story of BEAL ropes has been marked by passion and research.
The Brand has been at the heart of the changes in the practice of climbing since the 80’s.
It’s the development of rope dynamics, requested by the climbers who started to fly, which allowed them to be liberated from the pain of the fall. Thus freed of this psychological brake, energy is concentrated on the movements of climbing, leading to spectacular progress.

But back at BEAL, it is not only the ropes that are dynamic.

After the Program System and the Black Limit, passing by way of Dry Cover, ultra light ropes, the lowest impact forces, and again the Aero harness, the development department has not ceased its dynamic innovations.

The BEAL LAB is not a classical research office
The climbers and mountaineers of the BEAL team are fully integrated into its work. We listen to their suggestions and their test reports, as well as their emotions and enthusiasms, to be imbued with the evolution of the activity. It’s that which lets us anticipate changes and to be tuned to the needs of climbers.

BEAL LAB is thus a meeting of the practical and the theory. It’s a very light and reactive structure in which the wish to improve the security and comfort of climbers and mountaineers reigns without ceasing.

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