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Everything Bouldering
Summed up in a couple of words, Asana Climbing is "Everything Bouldering". Asana was birthed in Jamey Sproull's garage in 1999. With support from the local Boise crowd, Asana began designing and marketing crash pads in 2000. Still today, 13 years later, we are deeply committed to supporting climbers and the climbing community as a whole. Asana is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of almost everything a boulderer/climber may need and or want. We build custom landing systems for climbing gyms, personal outdoor bouldering pads, climbing gym climbing holds, chalk bags, and climbing packs. We also sell chalk, slacklines, computer games, and lifestyle clothing.

At Asana, our customers mean the world to us. We take pleasure in finding out a new climbing gym is being built because we know that in due time, many more people will be introduced to the world's best sport, bouldering. When a competition is being held, we take joy in knowing the community is coming together. When one of the world's extraordinary athletes sends a new boulder problem or when one of our local kids tells they sent their new V2 project, we know the sport is growing.

Asana finds it an honor to have its position in this sport. We know that we have to earn respect by building amazing gear. For this reason, we use the finest materials to give our customers the best experience possible. Asana chooses to use 1000 denier nylon on almost all of our products, high-density foams in all of our pads, and heavy duty hardware such as buckles, zippers, and webbings. We know that our customers want quality gear at a fair price. We also believe that people will pay for quality.

Asana runs its daily affairs out of a 6000 square foot manufacturing warehouse in Boise, Idaho, and we employ people who live here. Half of our staff are climbers. We all talk about our past climbing experiences with the same passion we have for the dreams of our upcoming road trip. We work 40 hour weeks because we believe in the importance of a balanced lifestyle. We all wish we had more time off for climbing, but doesn't everyone? Occasionally we'll put in quite a few more hours than that when we get to go to a climbing competition or a trade show to hang out with our friends, but working long hours like that honestly feels more like fun. All of the bouldering gear you see in our catalogs is built in Boise, Idaho, USA. We also work with a huge network of people around the country and world to share Asana's vision with people everywhere.

At Asana, our deep passion for the sport of bouldering and for the climbing community is evident in so many ways that we can't help but think of ourselves as... Everything Bouldering.

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