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Trezeta® has a real prestigious story, which started in the 20's from the hands of Vittorio Zizzola, who made 5 to 10 boots per week in his small workshop in Crespano del Grappa (TV). Vittorio used to ride his bike to Montebelluna hills and sell his boots to families, farmers, mountaineers. Within a short time, his boots gained a prestigious reputation. The Zizzola tradition continued and in the 60's gave life to the independent brand of Trezeta®. Over the years, the brand developed its product range to cover all user categories in the Outdoor sector, from gentle trekking to Hans Kammerlander's impressive ascents. In early 2002 Trezeta® was acquired by MGM, which is still pursuing the strategy of quality and innovation, always paying attention to consumer's needs and expectations.

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