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Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe


Mad Rock


My vote: None ( 4.5 avg )


Don't let this shoe's looks fool you. Having climbed grades up to V15, the Drifter proves an astonishingly great value. By steering clear of some of Mad Rock's more technical features, this wallet friendly classic puts competition on it's wake.

Retail price

US$ 75.00

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Weight 223 g

Size 9 (US) single : 223 g / 7.9 oz
Size 9 (US) pair : 446 g / 15.7 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume High
Sizing Information US sizes Men 3-13, 14, 15

Your "fit" should be determined by the type of climbing that you intend doing, combined with your experience level. Remember that leather upper shoes are likely to stretch over time (mostly in lateral width), while lined and synthetic upper shoes are not likely to stretch much at all...

Image icon Madrock_Shoe_Size_Chart.JPG
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Sport / Face
Asymmetry Low
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Upper Material ­Premium Leather
Midsole Material 1.8 mm Compressed Polyester
Sole Material 3.8 mm Science Friction 3.0, Flat sole
Rand: 2.2mm Science Friction R2
Footbed Lining


Science Friction 3.0 Technology

Science Friction 3.0

Years after the launch of the first Mad Rock rubber formula, our new Science Friction 3.0 compound marks a special milestone for the Mad Rock brand. After exhaustive research and a new production process originating in the USA, our new formula has a distinctively different characteristic than our previous batches. More durable than any of our previous formulas, our new Science Friction 3.0 also boasts higher friction. This optimal balance is incorporated into our new mix by increasing the tear strength and the memory of the compound. Due to its unique characteristics and unparalleled performance, our new Science Friction 3.0 formula is used on all of our shoes components like the 3D Power Upper, 3D Hooking Heel, 3D Concave Sole as well as the soles in all of our rock shoes.
Science Friction R2 Technology

Science Friction R2

In addition to the new formula for the sole and components of our new 2011 line, the new Science Friction formula was also incorporated into our new rand rubber mix. Higher friction and durability for the rand rubber is a testament to our commitment to performance and improvement in our rock shoe line. Enhancing the elasticity of the rand rubber was also a priority when developing the new rand rubber. As our new Science Friction R2 has greater give without the loss of performance, our new models feel extremely comfortable and sensitive, giving you that glove-like fit.
Drifter Shoe All Around View

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Rock and Ice Gear Review rating 3/5

America’s least expensive shoe, the Drifter, is a no-nonsense, flat-soled slipper. Two Velcro closures snug up the mid-foot area and a lined toe-box keeps the shoe from stretching at the toes. Out of the box these shoes felt medium stiff, but the compressed polyester insole quickly softened up. The Drifter excelled at smears and I wore them on granite slabs to 5.13a. On its website, Mad Rock claims that the shoe has been worn to climb problems up to V15.