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Black Diamond Mondo Crashpad
  • Black Diamond Mondo Crashpad
  • Black Diamond Mondo Crashpad


Black Diamond


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Our mega-sized highball pad with a super-durable construction and premium foam layup, the Mondo is a fixture under tall, scary problems from Bishop to Rocklands.

The redesigned Mondo Pad features improved buckles that are more durable and easier to use, a new suspension system that adds comfort while carrying, and new squared corners that provide optimal coverage when paired with other pads-ensuring that the Mondo remains king of highball bouldering pads.

  • Clean, three-strap closure with improved buckles
  • New suspension system for better transport
  • Closed-cell PE foam layup on top, high compression PU foam on bottom
  • Hinge-style fold for compact and easy transport
  • Padded shoulder straps and waistbelt
  • Four corner grab handles and two shoulder webbings for easy pad shuffling
  • PU-coated 1000d Nylon on top, the sides, and harness-side of bottom for abrasion and water resistance
  • Rubber coated bottom fabric on non-harness side for better grip on slippery surfaces

Retail price

US$ 349.95

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Weight (lbs / kg)

Weight (lbs / kg)

In pounds and kilograms, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

20.38 lbs / 9.25 kg
Fold Type Straight Hinge
Number of Foam Layers three
Foam Layout closed-cell PE foam layup on top, high-compression PU foam on bottom
Fabric ­Bottom: PU-coated 600d ripstop polyester on bottom and up the sides
Features Waist Belt
Side Handle(s)
Backpack Carry
Dimensions (ft / m)

Dimensions (ft / m)

In feet and inches / meters and centimeters, the length, width, and height of the bouldering pad, as stated by the manufacturer/brand

3.67 ft x 5.42 ft x 5.00 in
1.12 m x 1.65 m x 12.50 cm
All the Features of the Mondo, Drop Zone & Impact Bouldering Pads

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Rock and Ice Gear Review no rating given just a review

Bottom line, you get what you ask for. The Mondo is a whole lot of pad. That means more weight and width to lug around, but with its five inches of foam and nearly 20 square feet of ground coverage, nothing will inspire more confidence for that tricky topout, highball or solo session. To me, that’s worth the extra effort.

Vertical Life Magazine Gear Review no rating given just a review

So there you have it, Black Diamond’s Mondo Crash Pad. You can call it The Motherload if you like, for in the world of highball bouldering pads this thing is made out of pure muscle. Just don’t call it a ‘fat bastard’.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

This pad excels at high problems and also works well for lower problems because the foam is relatively soft. This is more for experienced boulderers who want one of these jumbo sized pads in their quiver as well as a small pad. Beginning boulderers or those on a budget will probably want to buy a smaller pad, then later either buy a big pad like this or buy another small pad. The Mad Rock Mad Pad is a good inexpensive pad to start with and they have Velcro attachments to connect them together into a bigger sized pad. The other good small pads are the taco style Black Diamond Drop Zone and the excellent foam and hybrid hinged style design of the Organic Simple Pad and Organic Full Pad.

Blister Gear Review no rating given just a review

Despite my issues with the pad’s durability and carrying system, the redesigned Black Diamond Mondo is a highly effective, large pad that inspires confidence under the tallest and scariest highballs. Boulderers looking for a pad that will cover a large amount of surface area and allow for safe falls from high off the deck should definitely check out the Mondo. Smaller climbers and those who spend more time at areas with long approaches should consider pads with more robust, comfortable carrying systems.