Bouldering Pads

Organic Climbing Half Pad Open
Half Pad    1814 g    $80.00    own     want    
Organic Briefcase Pad Open
Briefcase Pad    1814 g    $95.00    own     want    
Organic Simple Pad Open Front
Simple Pad    4989 g    $175.00    own     want    
Organic Full Pad Open
Full Pad    5443 g    $185.00    own     want    
Organic Big Pad
Big Pad 4"    7711 g    $299.00    own     want    
Size comparison of Organic bouldering pads
Big Pad 5"    8618 g    $315.00    own     want    

Bouldering is the most organic form of climbing. At Organic we are committed to producing the best gear possible. Our products are designed to be functional, durable, and unique. Hand made in the U.S.A. , each piece is one of-a-kind.

We are an alternative to the industry mainstream. Influenced by the climbing underground, we work to promote individuality and the art of bouldering.