Right now we're only focusing on ropes available in the US. *gasp* *hiss* *boo*

There are a bunch more ropes we know exist from DMM, Ocun, PMI, Simond, and Tendon. The problem is they're not distributed in the US at this moment, so there's additional challenges like easily getting all the technical specs, and the need to convert a non-US price to dollars make it relevant/comparable. In addition to the technical hurdle (read: fluctuating exchange rates) it also brings along the issue that the prices shouldn't be in US dollars in the first place, since they're not sold in the US.

The good news is, most European brands import their "top" ropes to the US. Since ropes are expensive to import and the market competition is fierce, they only bring the ropes that have the most hope to sell.

You can read more about all the brands and manufacturers that sell ropes at our blog: All the Brands Who Sell Ropes

PS - Technically many (100+) of these ropes exist in our database but they're not showing up to you because we're missing the data required for the filters (like price). Essentially, if we made all the ropes visible, even if they didn't have all the technical specs, when you filtered on something you really wanted, all these "incomplete" ropes would still have to show up, rendering our filters useless, which we feel is one of the most important parts of the site.