Dream and Drool - The Pictures of the Worlds Ice Screws!

It's true, we don't have every ice screw in the world on this page. *gasp* *hiss* *boo*

There's a few more screws we know exist, from Climbing Technology, DMM, and Stubai (Fixe screws are in development). The problem is they're not distributed in the US, so we've been having a more challenging time getting all their specs and official prices.

Technically all of these screws exist in our database but they're not showing up to you because we're missing the data required for the filters. Essentially, if we made all screws visible, even if they didn't have all the technical specs, when you filtered on something you really wanted, all these "incomplete" screws would still have to show up, rendering our filters useless, which we feel is one of the most important parts of the site.