Belay Devices

Faders Ballet
Ballet    own     want 
Faders Suprem
Suprem    own     want 
Faders Miku
Miku    92 g    own     want 
Faders Little 8 Yellow
Little 8    100 g    $10.95    own     want 
Faders Classic 8
Classic 8    145 g    $17.99    own     want 
Faders SUM Belay Device
Sum    260 g    $85.00    own     want 


Faders Aluminium Plus Straight
Plus Straight    44 g    own     want 
Faders Aluminium Plus Bent
Plus Bent    44 g    own     want 
Faders Kyros Safety
Kyros Safety    60 g    own     want 
Faders HMS S Screw
HMS S Screw    80 g    own     want 
Faders Aluminium HMS Safety
Aluminium HMS Safety    87 g    own     want 

Ice Axes

Faders Black Ice Axe
Faders Pluma 0 Ice Axe
Pluma 0   
340 g
Faders Pluma 1 Ice Axe
Pluma 1   
392 g
Faders Courage Ice Axe
438 g
Faders Zeus Ice Axe
461 g

Our origins go back to the forties on the last century, when Sígfrid Quer, a Swiss engineer that was living in Barcelona, started to design climbing and mountaineering products under the name QUER. Since 1973 FADERS, the successor of QUER, is doing its best to help developing these great sports. FADERS is a global trademark with a clear international vocation and the quality of our products allow us to be on the 5 continents. Our goal is to be the reference trademark for technological solutions in the climbing and mountaineering market.

Our commitment is clear in our mission statement: “to create and design functional, reliable and safety products to improve the performance of climbers and mountaineers”

FADERS is commited to the continuous improving and so we study and listen the suggestions of the true main characters: “from climbers to climbers and from mountaineers to mountaineers” This is the true engine for our innovation.

We are committed to innovation, security and the improvement of the climbers’ performance. This is the reason that makes our R+D department to

a better lightness to our products
more and better functionalities
major security and reliability

In conclusion, to develop products and incorporate innovations that allow us to make all the climbers have a better performance and enjoy to the limit. Of course... with the certainty that their products will respond with absolute security!

The technical and innovation team here in FADERS has created the CLIMBING LAB, where a working team integrated by climbers and mountaineers, as well as our engineers, develop the best solutions and concepts for those users that demand the maximum reliability and security
in their GEAR.

From April 1st 2009, FIXE CLIMBING and FADERS have been united in order to create one of the largest Spanish companies on the sector.

In 2011 they've continued to be their own companies, and distrubuted by TechRock