Trango First Bolt 12cm Quickdraw

Trango First Bolt 12cm
Trango First Bolt 12cm

Trango’s First Bolt Quickdraw extends the life of all your quickdraws. The rope causes the most wear and tear on the first draw because it runs at a sharp angle compared to higher draws. The unique graphics make this draw obvious when you need it, and the steel wiregate can handle the extra abuse.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 186 g
Dogbone Size 12 cm long, 25 mm wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide
Dogbone Strength
Top Carabiner React Straight - $7.95
Trango React Straight Full View
Bottom Carabiner Steel Wiregate - $6.55
Trango Steel Wiregate Full View


This is a tapered dogbone and it goes from .6" at the narrowest to 1" for the majority of the draw.